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3 Home Automation Services to Ensure Your Home Runs Glitch-Free

Home Automation Systems Need Tune-Ups Too

3 Home Automation Services to Ensure Your Home Runs Glitch-Free

We are all familiar with things that require routine maintenance. Cars may be the first to come to mind. Oil changes, lube, tune-ups, tire rotations, and other items are standard services that all vehicles need. OK, so electric cars don't need oil changes, filters, or spark plugs, but they require other maintenance too. Closer to home, HVAC systems and other functions need routine maintenance for optimal performance.

Home automation is an increasingly popular upgrade to today’s homes. Homeowners enjoy the many benefits of lighting control, motorized shading, HVAC control, unified AV systems, and integrating all of these through smart home automation systems.

Do home automation systems need maintenance? Should you seek out companies in Marietta, GA (like us) that specialize in home automation services to "tune-up" your system? What services could possibly be needed with some electronics and software? The answers below might surprise you.

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Many things are increasingly driven by software. In fact, many devices get new features and functionality via software updates. Tesla autos have received software updates that make them faster and add new driving features, and we all know that our smartphones often gain new superpowers with operating system updates. When it comes to home automation systems and devices, software plays a critical role too. For example, Control4's OS 3 system debuted in 2019 and added a snazzy, more intuitive modern interface and many features, and it could work with many existing Control4 devices.

Aside from gaining new capabilities, software needs updating for security and performance fixes. Home automation systems aren't exempt from this and should be serviced when required with both feature and maintenance updates.


Your home’s network is the backbone of your smart home. Many devices depend on either wired or wireless network support like tablets and laptops. Some examples include security cameras, control touchscreens, video doorbells, and AV systems to control and distribute content like music throughout the home. A network that isn't up to speed can create glitches and subpar experiences in your smart home.


While software can update devices and imbue them with additional features and improved performance, eventually the hardware gets outdated. Software becomes more extensive, more complex, and powerful, and in time will require processing power commensurate with the new capabilities. We know that from smartphones and computers; over time, the new software requires more processing power, and they either become slow or unsupported by the manufacturer because it will no longer provide a good experience. The same happens with home automation systems; core system control units may need to be updated. Aside from that, some devices gain better functionality, like higher resolution sensors and increased intelligence in cameras, that require upgrades to get the latest capabilities and features.

GHT Group provides the home automation systems and services to keep your smart home updated with the latest technology. To learn more, call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, visit our Marietta showroom, or use the chat box below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!

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