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3 Expert Landscape Lighting Tricks to Add After-Dark Flair to Your Home

Showcase Your Home’s Best Features After Sunset

3 Expert Landscape Lighting Tricks to Add After-Dark Flair to Your Home

Is your Rosemary Beach home a black hole after dark? We understand if you want to enjoy beautiful starry Florida skies with a minimum of light pollution, but your home doesn't have to go completely dark at night. Without disturbing the starry sky, landscape lighting can add beauty, safety, and convenience to your property.

GHT Group is your local expert landscape lighting company, with an office right here in Santa Rosa Beach. While we have many lighting techniques that can set off your home at night, here are three of our favorites that any home can use for that extra bit of nighttime flair. Please keep reading below!

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A Striking Silhouette

You know how sometimes an entertainer first appears in silhouette on a stage? This technique works for your home too. Let's say you have a specimen tree. Placing a landscape light behind the tree and aiming at a nearby wall can highlight the beautiful tree and its artful shape. Your landscapers will love how you feature their careful pruning. 

Cast a Long Shadow

Shadowing is similar to silhouetting, but the idea is to create a softer effect. The light is placed at the bast of the feature, such as a Jacaranda tree. The open foliage is perfect for creating a faint shadow against the wall of your house. With the tree gently swaying in the evening Gulf breezes, the effect is even more beautiful. 

Add Mystery with Accents

Accenting with lighting draws attention to a unique feature. It may be a sculpture, tree, or water feature in your front or back landscape. The technique uses an angled up-light or downlight to spotlight the feature. A narrow beam light from a hidden fixture can be used to great effect, adding a sense of mystery to your property and causing many second glances. 


These are but three of our favorite techniques for showcasing unique elements of your property, whether architectural or landscape-based. Many other options abound, from path lights to moonlighting to add safety or cast a glow. We’ll advise you on the best fixtures for each application. And with the latest lighting systems, you can also control the brightness of outside lights and change colors with the season or your mood or whim. Even save your favorite settings and pull them up with a simple button press when needed. 

Discover all the ways you can add drama and flair with landscape lighting. Contact our Santa Rosa Beach office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our audio experts. We look forward to working with you!