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3 Critical Features to Look for in a Whole Home Audio System

What You Need to Enjoy Great Sound Everywhere

3 Critical Features to Look for in a Whole Home Audio System

Are you considering a whole-home audio system for your Rosemary Beach home? You may be in a quandary as to how to choose the right solution for you. After all, whole-home audio can be had as simply as buying several Amazon Echo or Google speakers for each space in your home.

While that may be one answer, it’s only one of many. You’ll want to carefully evaluate your multiroom audio system across various criteria, including audio quality, accessibility and ease of use, and variety of content. While there are many criteria you can and should consider for your Florida home, we've narrowed down three here that you should absolutely think though. Ready to learn more? Please keep reading!

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Ease of Use

No matter how powerful or feature-packed the audio solution, it won't be satisfying unless it's easy to use. Some people tend to overlook this when they’re mesmerized by a plethora of features. Make sure the solution you select is easy for you to access and use every day. We know of many people with powerful but complex home audio systems that use a smart speaker for music out of convenience – it's too hard to get the audio gear going with the right input and content they want to listen to. But you can have power and ease of use; you just need the right solution.

Flexibility is also key. If you're not fond of using a smartphone for everything, you may not like systems that rely exclusively on app control. You can look for systems that give you the convenience of apps when you want them, remote controls with real buttons with no-look ease, or even control from a convenient wall-mounted keypad in the room. Yes, they exist!

Play Anything, Anywhere

There’s no shortage of solutions that let you stream music from popular internet services like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Tidal. What if you still want to listen to your personal CD collection or digital library? You may have some hard-to-find recordings not easily found on streaming sites. Look for a system that allows more than just internet music sources, including an analog one like your trusty turntable. Also, don’t underestimate the convenience of TV sound over your whole-home system so you can keep up with your favorite talk shows or news. Some streaming-oriented solutions don’t provide that flexibility.

Audio Quality

CD-quality stereo sound has ruled in music for decades, but now there's a new option – high-resolution audio. Put simply, it's a digital format with a higher sampling rate and bit density that packs more audio detail into the track. If you're an audio enthusiast and love to hear every nuance in the music, you may want to have a high-resolution capable setup. With popular services like Tidal, Amazon Music, and Apple Music now offering lossless, high-resolution, and surround or spatial audio options, you want your system to be able to take advantage of the higher audio quality – its time has come.

When you’re ready for a new or upgraded whole-home audio system, turn to GHT Group, the experts with more than three decades in custom audio and video solutions. Contact our Florida office here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!

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