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What to Look for in an Outdoor Lighting Company

Choose Your Outdoor Lighting Partner Carefully

What to Look for in an Outdoor Lighting Company

As an integrator of a wide array of home technology, including security, lighting control, whole-home automation, and audio-video systems, GHT Group has invested heavily in acquiring the skills, infrastructure, and industry brands to deliver the best solutions across all these areas. And in the past, we’ve told you about what to look for in a smart home company or a home theater installer because we think we've differentiated ourselves from the pack to bring you the best possible customer experience. 

While we’ve always worked with lighting both inside and outside the house, we have put a special emphasis on this growth area in the past few years, as LED lighting and more powerful control systems have become an important part of home technology upgrades. We think all our experience in home technology makes us the ideal partner for all your lighting needs, indoors or out. It might be a little self-serving (it is our blog after all), but we’d like to tell you some of the things you should look for in an outdoor lighting company for your Marietta, GA project. Ultimately, it’s your choice, and we hope you choose GHT Group when you’re ready to move forward!

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Skill Set

There are a couple of critical skill sets for outdoor lighting. Let's call them the art and the science. One is the technical side; you want a company that understands the products and solutions, knows where and how they best apply, and can install the solutions with care and skill so it performs as it should. Then there's the creative side, where designers know how to make your home's exterior and outdoor areas shine. Designers should be well-versed in the best design techniques to make your plants, trees, and gardens look their best with light. Ask how much experience they have and get pictures of installations to see if it matches your expectations and vision. Have they found creative ways to light water features, sculptures, and home exteriors that you love? 


We've said before that you could tell something about an integrator by the company they keep. Do they work with the industry's best brands, as they like to have dealers and integrators that do top-flight work? For example, GHT Group works with innovative and high-end brands like Coastal Source and FX Luminaire, companies that have brought new dimensions to outdoor lighting solutions. And for lighting control, we work with Lutron, the industry leader in everything to do with lighting management and control. 


We're a real brick-and-mortar business. Right here in Marietta, GHT Group maintains a 20,000 square foot showroom stocked with many of our home technology solutions, including a dedicated outdoor showroom. We have a fleet of 19 vehicles and a staff of experts and specialists trained across our solution sets to bring you comprehensive outdoor solutions. For example, your overall outdoor solutions might involve audio, lighting, security, and automation, and we are equipped to do it all. 


GHT Group has been in business since 1989. We are still growing rapidly, and we have even been expanding our footprint to nearby areas like the Florida Panhandle. We plan on being here to support your needs for the next several decades, too! Service and support have always been part of our DNA, and the repeat business from our valued customers over the years is the proof. 

When you’re ready to choose an outdoor lighting company, let GHT Group help. To get started, contact us here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!