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What’s New with Klipsch Heritage Speakers?

From the Innovative Fives to the Incredible New Jubilee, the Heritage Continues

What’s New with Klipsch Heritage Speakers?

If you’ve followed us on these pages, you know we love Klipsch Heritage speakers. The reasons are straightforward. Unlike many others, Klipsch Heritage speakers continue to be handcrafted in Hope, Arkansas, the birthplace of Klipsch. From their unique use of horns and horn-loaded designs to the elegant styling that evokes classic mid-century design that's so much in vogue, Klipsch Heritage is at once modern in sound quality and retro in quality and panache.

Over the last few years, Klipsch has been on a roll with the Heritage line, updating the popular Heresy, Forte, and Cornwall speakers. In the past year, they have introduced the new innovative Fives, and at CES just weeks ago, they introduced a new Jubilee flagship speaker. We're excited to tell you about both of these here!

Keep reading below to learn more about the latest additions to the Klipsch Heritage line and see how the Heritage line can bring the ultimate in audio performance to your Cumming, GA home.

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The New Klipsch Jubilee

The Klipschorn has always been the flagship of the Klipsch Heritage line, but Paul Klipsch’s final speaker design aimed to eclipse the famous first Klipsch speaker. While the new Jubilee is being touted as a new speaker enabled by 21st-century engineering and technology, there was a very limited-edition Jubilee before this new one. At CES 2022 just weeks ago, Klipsch announced the new Jubilee as the true embodiment of the founder’s vision to create a new flagship speaker to supplant the venerable Klipschorn. 

The Jubilee is unlike any other speaker you may have seen or heard. Of course, it’s a horn-loaded design. The K402 compression high-frequency driver can get down to 350hz, eliminating the need for a midrange driver and its crossover, making this enormous speaker a two-way design. For bass, the low-frequency enclosure uses horn loading and a patent-pending venting design for superb low-end response.

Part of the new tech that Klipsch developed for this new Jubilee is the active crossover network. The DSP-based crossover adjusts phase and time delay to eliminate acoustic phase cancellation and deliver the sound just as if the live band were in your room. The active crossover also enables trim levels to tailor the sound to the acoustics of your room.

The Fives

Introduced last year, the Klipsch Fives bring the styling and quality of Klipsch Heritage to a powered, all-in-one speaker system. Featuring long-throw 4.5-inch woofers, 1-inch Tractrix titanium tweeters, and custom-engineered built-in amplifiers, the Fives deliver room-filling sound from a variety of connections. Featuring HDMI-ARC for TVs, Bluetooth 5, a phono input for turntables, USB, RCA analog, and optical inputs, the Klipsch Fives can connect all your sources for rich stereo sound in any space.

With warm walnut veneer and matte black finishes and magnetic grills, it brings Heritage style and sound to smaller rooms without breaking the budget. Plus, the Klipsch Connect App can save custom sound settings for your Fives and function as a convenient remote control.

Are you ready to discover the style and sound quality of Klipsch Heritage speakers? Visit our Marietta showroom, contact us here, or click the chatbox below to quickly connect with one of our home audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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