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What Makes Sony Home Theater Projectors Among the World's Best?

From Lens to Living Room, No One Knows Cinema Like Sony

What Makes Sony Home Theater Projectors Among the World's Best?

In consumer electronics, it is easier than ever to build a new product. But some companies sweat all the details, pouring money into research and development to bring innovations to market first. They don’t settle for off-the-shelf components; they build their own to bring that extra edge to their products.

In the consumer electronics world, that company is Sony. The long list of firsts they have developed is much too long to discuss here. Their expertise in audio and video technology is unparalleled. They are also unique in that the company also owns significant pieces of the content side of the business. They have the most holistic view of what it takes to deliver an exceptional aural and visual experience from the creative side all the way to a cinema, your home theater, or your TV.

Why does that matter? Because it’s all in the details.

Sony understands the challenges of recreating the experience that the movie producers envisioned in your own living room. So if you are looking for a new projector – or an upgrade – to your home theater or media room in the Sandy Springs area, we’re going to explain why it should be a Sony.

Ready to learn more about the Sony projectors difference? Let’s continue.

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From the Lens to the Living Room

Unlike other consumer electronics manufacturers, Sony is into every aspect of content creation, including post-production and distribution. Sony Pictures is one of the “Big 5” studios that produces and distributes motion pictures and TV shows. Their film franchises include Spider-Man, Men in Black, Ghostbusters, and countless other hits. We should also add that Sony Music is also the world’s second largest record label, making them a force in music as well.

All that content is developed on a burgeoning Sony ecosystem of products. The Sony F65 digital camera offers better resolution, dynamic range, and color gamut than other digital film cameras. Sony, in fact, has always led the way in the transition from shooting on film to digital cinematography. The film Rainbow was the first film shot and post-produced entirely in digital form. The cameras? Sony’s first-generation Electronic Cinematography cameras.

Sony has also invested in the technology to convert film to digital technology. Sony Pictures Colorworks is a state-of-the-art digital post-production facility that supports 4K film scanning and transfer. With this capability, Sony Pictures has led the way in releasing films in 4K as well as being able to reissue many classics in the best quality using 4K format.

Most commercial movie theaters have moved to digital projection and 4K technology. Sony has over 13,000 projectors installed in movie theaters around the world. If they have what it takes in a commercial environment, imagine how a Sony projector will perform in your home.

Sony 4K Projectors

Did you know that Sony launched the first HD projector for the home in 2003? Or that they shipped the first 4K home projector in 2011? Their expertise with projection, needless to say, is extensive. Sony's current ES projector line is the largest they've ever offered, with six models supporting full 4K and HDR technology. There is a Sony projector to fit a modest media room or the most high-end dedicated home theater you can envision.

Of course, there are now other 4K projectors on the market. But none carry the lens-to-living-room capabilities that Sony projectors offer.

We have not one but four home theater setups in our Marietta showroom so you can experience the latest home cinema technology (and Sony projectors) before you buy.

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