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What Kind of Speakers Can You Use in a Sonos Multiroom System?

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What Kind of Speakers Can You Use in a Sonos Multiroom System?

Sonos is well-known for its popular soundbars and powered speakers that you can find in popular stores online and offline, including GHT Group. The company is a pioneer in multiroom audio, launching its first product in 2005 with a wireless system at a time when many were still carrying around music in iPods. Since the first product, Sonos jumped on the iPhone revolution early, replacing the custom remote control of that first system with an easy-to-use app. And who doesn’t do that today? 

Sonos has gone on to make wireless, powered speakers that are easy to set up and use. With the tap of a finger on the app, you can direct music from a vast array of streaming services – virtually all the ones you’ll ever want – to play on any or all the Sonos speakers in your house. 

OK, but we said you could use any speaker with Sonos, right? Yes, you can, just mention these two words: Amp and Port. With those, you can build a Sonos multiroom system for your Duluth, GA home with almost any speaker you want. Why would you do that, and how? Stay with us below. 

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The Sonos Port

While Sonos makes excellent speakers, they may not be the right choice for every space in your home. For example, say you have a hi-fi system in your listening room with McIntosh components and Klipsch Heritage speakers. That’s a pretty sweet setup. But, can you make those part of a Sonos multiroom system? Yes! Enter the Sonos Port.

The Port is the streaming component that brings any audio system into a Sonos whole-home system. With analog and digital line out, connect it into your McIntosh preamp or integrated amp, and now your excellent listening room is part of the whole-home system, playing in perfect synchrony with other rooms or zones.

Apple Airplay also makes it easy to direct music from your iPhone onto the system, and you have all the ease and integration of the Sonos app with a wealth of streaming choices. So, that's one way to use a system and speakers you already have and love.

The Sonos Amp

Aside from your prized listening room, your partner might love music all over the house, but not the thought of speakers all over the place. Enter Sonos Amp. The Amp is like a Port with amplifiers, but it does much more. It's a versatile component that Sonos designed to be able to stream audio but also be used for surround sound with TVs too. With the Sonos Amp, you can integrate sleek architectural speakers into your home where you want them and even for surround sound. And all those speakers are still part of the multiroom system with Sonos' trademark ease of use.

Sonos Amp is not just for architectural speakers. If you like towers or bookshelves, you can use those too, while the compact Amp hides in a cabinet or a rack. Or combine speaker types, using front bookshelf speakers in a bedroom or office and ceiling speakers for surround. Need more bass? It can work with regular subwoofers and the Sonos wireless Sub.

Professional Integration

While you can buy the Sonos Port and Amp yourself and set it up, Sonos has also designed these versatile components for professional integration. GHT Group can configure a multiroom Sonos system that can integrate a variety of speaker types – and outdoor zones – that are right for every space. So, if you love Sonos but want different speakers in different places, GHT Group and Sonos have you covered. 


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