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What an Interior Lighting Design Company Can Do for You

From Innovative LED Lighting to Control, GHT Group Does It All

What an Interior Lighting Design Company Can Do for You

One thing in a home that sometimes doesn't get as much attention as it should is the lighting. Lighting can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a home. Sometimes it’s subtle; an interior may just feel right, and you might think it’s the finishes, layout, or furnishings. But lighting can affect the way you see and notice all those things.

Anyone can choose fixtures, lamps, and lighting styles for a home’s interior. But how do you make sure you have enough lighting, not too much lighting, and the right type of lighting – both for task and ambiance – in each space? That’s where a professional can help. As one of metro Atlanta’s premier interior lighting design companies, GHT Group can be your full-service lighting partner for your Georgia home.

Keep reading to see how a professional lighting company can assist with your home lighting design.

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State-of-the Art-Lighting 

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting world. GHT Group continues to seek and partner with the most innovative LED lighting companies providing new features and designs that were previously incredibly hard to do or impossible. For example, companies like DMF Lighting make advanced LED downlighting fixtures that are both efficient and flexible. Warm dimming capability will make you forget about incandescent lighting and provide a beautiful low-light glow while using 80% less energy. Individually addressable fixtures – meaning you can control one light at a time, not merely all the ones on the same switch – provide flexibility in both efficient lighting and setting the perfect ambiance. 

Tunable lighting, such as that from Lutron's Ketra division, is one of the most exciting advances in lighting to come along. Tunable lighting can adjust the color temperature of white light, from bright, energizing light like that of a mid-day sun to warm amber and red tones of a sunset. And you can do it with the same fixtures, on a schedule or at the press of a button. Tunable lighting has several advantages, and health studies show that matching the natural light of the sun’s cycle has real wellness benefits in mood and makes it easier to wind down for rest. Beyond wellness, Ketra lighting can also display your home in a whole new light. Color-capable fixtures and unique technology called Vibrancy subtly controls how light reflects off objects, bringing out the delicate beauty, colors, and textures of your interiors. 

Powerful, Effortless Control

The other critical aspect of great lighting design is control. The best lighting is layered, with lights for tasks like reading or cooking, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. Precise control is necessary to get just the right ambiance for an activity or time of day. That's where lighting control comes in. GHT Group works with leading vendors like Lutron, Control4, and Crestron for home control and automation that manages lighting and orchestrates other smart functions like window treatments, climate, audio, security, and more. Layered lighting scenes are easy with automation, where one button or a voice command can bring up a lighting scene for a room or an entire home. With gradual transitions like tunable lighting, lighting control can automatically adjust those lights based on the time of day, light sensors, or your arrival at home. Your lights can be sophisticated, but managing and controlling them can be dead simple. 

And one more thing – what is control without some style? Elegant keypads from Lutron and Crestron make any other lighting switches look obsolete. Programmable to control lights and other smart features at the same time, they make lighting for any activity effortless. But they also add to the décor, with an array of finishes, materials, backlighting, and modern styles to fit any of today’s home designs. 


Let GHT Group be your interior lighting company. Call us at 770-955-8909, contact us here or use the chat box below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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