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Update Meeting Spaces for Hybrid Work with an Audiovisual Consultant

New Work Models Need Revamped Conference Spaces

Update Meeting Spaces for Hybrid Work with an Audiovisual Consultant

The pandemic of 2020 ushered in a new era of remote work. While audio, video, and networking technology had already enabled information workers to work remotely productively, never had there been such a mass move toward this model. And while teams have returned to the office, many companies are finding that hybrid work models now make sense for them and their staff. 

But hybrid work is highly dependent on technology for the best outcomes. Most companies have had to rethink their meeting spaces to enable both in-office and remote workers to collaborate efficiently. As a result, many Atlanta, GA, businesses are turning to audiovisual consultants to transform their meeting spaces into hybrid-ready hubs. Here's how they're doing it.

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Advanced Audio and Video

Clear audio and video are the backbones of effective hybrid meetings. High-definition cameras and noise-canceling microphones ensure that all participants, whether in the room or dialing in remotely, can see and hear each other clearly. Large display screens make shared content easily viewable for everyone. An audiovisual consultant can assess your current setup and recommend upgrades to enhance your team's communication capabilities. With remote participants in most meetings, audio quality is paramount to ensure productive meetings where everyone can hear and understand each other.

Unified Communication Systems

In a hybrid work environment, having all your communication and collaboration tools in one place can significantly streamline workflows. Unified communication systems integrate tools like video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and more into a single platform. This integration makes it easier for team members to connect and collaborate, regardless of their location. An audiovisual consultant can help you choose and implement a unified communication system that meets your team's specific needs. In particular, it’s essential that your meeting room video conferencing systems integrate seamlessly with solutions such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams for meetings that start and flow smoothly. 

Interactive Whiteboards and Displays

Interactive whiteboards and displays can take your hybrid meetings to the next level. These tools allow in-room participants to share ideas visually, while remote participants can view and contribute in real time. Plus, content from these tools can be saved and shared digitally, ensuring that no one misses out on important information. An audiovisual consultant can recommend interactive tools compatible with your existing systems and suited to your team's collaboration style.

Smart Lighting and Motorized Shades

Lighting plays a crucial role in the video conferencing experience. Adjustable lighting and motorized shades can enhance visibility and reduce glare on screens, ensuring that remote participants can see their in-room colleagues clearly. An audiovisual consultant can help you design a lighting and shading solution that complements your meeting space, creating an optimal environment for hybrid meetings.

The Role of an Audiovisual Consultant 

A skilled audiovisual consultant does more than just recommend technology. They take the time to understand your team's unique needs and challenges and design a comprehensive solution that addresses them. From selecting the right tools to overseeing installation and providing ongoing support, an audiovisual consultant is a valuable partner in your journey toward a hybrid-ready workspace.


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