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Unveiling the Aria EVO X, the Latest in Focal Speakers

An Accessible, Elevated Hi-Fi Listening Experience

Unveiling the Aria EVO X, the Latest in Focal Speakers

In the world of high-fidelity audio, Focal speakers have long been synonymous with excellence, and the introduction of the Aria Evo X line heralds a new era for audio enthusiasts in Atlanta. Building on the revered Aria 900 series' legacy, the Evo X range promises an elevated auditory experience, blending Focal's rich heritage with groundbreaking acoustic advancements. This line is meticulously engineered for the purest sound, catering to music connoisseurs and cinema fans alike. Prepare to be immersed in the depth of sound like never before as we delve into what makes the Aria Evo X an excellent, accessible option in Focal audio.

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The Aria Evo X Collection 

The Aria Evo X range by Focal presents a sophisticated ensemble of high-fidelity loudspeakers, expertly crafted to resonate with the dynamic acoustics of Atlanta's diverse living spaces. This line comprises the Aria Evo X N°1, a compact bookshelf speaker perfect for intimate spaces, and three floor-standing models (N°2, N°3, N°4), each varying in size and acoustic power to suit different room dimensions and preferences. The Aria Evo X Center completes the range, offering a dedicated central channel for home cinema setups, ensuring dialogue and on-screen action are reproduced with crystal clarity and depth. These speakers, evolving from the acclaimed Aria 900 series, are crafted for audio aficionados who desire a blend of expressive, high-fidelity audio with a design that fits seamlessly into their living spaces. The Aria Evo X is more than a set of speakers; it’s an immersive experience, promising to bring every note and nuance of your favorite music and films to life.

Evolved Acoustics

Focal's tradition of acoustic technological innovation continues with the Aria Evo X series. The series introduces the 'M'-shaped inverted dome TAM tweeter, a leap forward from the TNF tweeter. Manufactured in France, this tweeter's unique geometry expands the soundstage with a wider diffusion angle, ensuring every listener in the room is enveloped in the detail of high-fidelity audio, regardless of their position. The midrange benefits from Focal's Tuned Mass Damper (TMD) technology, which stabilizes the surround to reduce distortion and deliver balanced dynamics. This technology, derived from the suspension systems of Formula 1 cars, has been adapted to provide the same level of control and finesse in audio reproduction. The woofers have seen an upgrade, too, with a new magnet system that enhances the impact of bass frequencies, adding depth and power without muddying the sound. Finally, improved crossover components refine the loudspeaker balance, promising an auditory experience as precise as it is passionate. 

Central to the Aria Evo X's remarkable sound profile is Focal's iconic flax cone, a distinctive feature that continues to set their speakers apart. Crafted from sustainably sourced French flax fiber, these cones deliver sound with natural timbre, rich midrange, and tight, impactful bass. The flax cone's inherent properties ensure minimal coloration and a purity of sound that captures the nuances of every performance. This technology, originally introduced in the Aria 900 series and continually celebrated for its acoustic properties, has been refined in the Aria Evo X line.

Design and Finish

The Aria Evo X is an auditory masterpiece and a visual delight, reflecting Focal's attention to aesthetic excellence. The series introduces the new Moss Green High Gloss finish, a deep, verdant hue with a lustrous shine that brings a vibrant yet sophisticated touch to any Atlanta interior. This joins the classic Black High Gloss and Prime Walnut finishes, offering a palette of options to complement a variety of home décors. Each speaker boasts a leather-effect front panel that adds a luxurious texture and an extra layer of elegance. The combination of these finishes with Focal's acoustic technology ensures that the Aria Evo X speakers are as much a design statement as they are a sonic one. They embody Focal's philosophy that high-fidelity sound should be housed in equally impressive forms, making them a focal point in any room.

The Focal Difference

For Atlanta's audio enthusiasts, the Aria Evo X series from Focal represents a fusion of superb sound quality and exquisite design. This commitment to sonic excellence is evident in Focal's innovative flax cone technology and the TAM tweeter, which together ensure an authentic and immersive listening experience. Ideal for everything from intimate music sessions to grand cinematic experiences, the Aria Evo X series excels in delivering impressive performance.

Meticulously manufactured in France, Focal's attention to detail extends to the Aria line's fit and finish. Their in-house cabinet-making facility employs skilled artisans who create the brand's signature lustrous finishes, highlighting Focal's legendary commitment to aesthetics. These speakers offer an upgrade to your entertainment system and a strong price-performance value, making them a wise investment for those who value quality. Furthermore, backed by a five-year warranty, the Aria Evo X series is built to endure, ensuring that these speakers are a testament to Focal's craftsmanship and a lasting addition to your home audio setup.

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