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Three Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor Sound System This Summer

Make All Your Outside Time an Experience

Three Ways to Enjoy an Outdoor Sound System This Summer

With comfortable temperatures in the 70s and 80s, spring in Georgia is a wonderful time for all things outdoors. Whether it’s a long bike ride on the Silver Comet Trail, a day at Stone Mountain Park, or just enjoying the sunshine and fresh air in your own backyard, it’s a perfect time to play before the arrival of summer heat. But then it’s time to swim, right? 

While we’re not Atlanta’s version of Outside Magazine here, we are one of the metro area’s premier purveyors of outdoor entertainment solutions to make your home’s outside spaces the place to be in warm weather. In that spirit, here are three ways to enjoy an outdoor sound system this summer!

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Outdoor Reading

What’s so special about reading outside? If you have fond memories of sunning at the beach while devouring a summer thriller, you know what a pleasure it is to read outdoors. Whether you do it in the sun or the shade of your patio, a background music soundtrack makes it even better. Whether your pleasure is 80s ballads, Diana Krall, or Keith Urban, a little music adds just the right touch to your relaxing read. If you like your reading Audible style, liberate your ears from headphones and listen to your book on your outdoor speakers. Then you can do a little yoga, stretching, or some mild gardening! 

Cocktails and Dinner al Fresco

When the weather is this good, why not entertain friends outdoors? Just like good restaurants use music to set an ambiance, you can too with your outdoor sound system. Doing cocktails and dinner with a few other couples? Put on some smooth jazz for cocktails, then switch to jazz piano for the meal. If you have extensive landscape areas for your guests to stroll, consider landscape speakers paired with buried subwoofers for sound that follows them wherever they roam. 

The Pool Party

When summer in the South hits, it's warm and muggy. Fortunately, your pool cools things off quickly. Amp up your pool party with an energizing soundtrack, from today's pop for the kids to classic rock for you. For powerful sound that cuts through the splashing and laughter, you can install bollard or rock speakers that stand up to any water and play loud and clear, like your indoor tower speakers. Have you ever noticed how music charges a party's energy? Make all your pool parties memorable affairs with impactful audio. 

Are you ready to make the most of your outdoor time with your favorite music and audio? Contact us here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our outdoor audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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