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The Pros Agree – Klipsch Heritage Speakers Are the Real Deal

See What Pro Reviewers Say about Klipsch Heritage

The Pros Agree – Klipsch Heritage Speakers Are the Real Deal

We love the Klipsch Heritage speaker line, and we've spilled a fair amount of digital ink about them on these blog pages. But, if you're an audio buff, it's not likely you're going to just take our word for it – even if we do have over 30 years in the audio biz serving Georgia customers from Canton to Atlanta.

While we think Klipsch Heritage presents extraordinary value in high-fidelity audio, it’s prudent to listen to what jaded audio reviewers – the people that listen to a host of products from many manufacturers – have to say about Klipsch Heritage. We’ve chosen a few of the best reviews to highlight here. Spoiler alert – they’re all good. If you want to skip the rest of the blog, come down to our Marietta showroom and listen for yourself. You might just end up taking home a pair! Wait, check that; Klipsch Heritage speakers are hand-built to order in the USA, and you can choose your book-matched veneer finish. OK, if you’ve read this far, you may as well read the rest of this; hopefully, you'll be even more convinced about how good the Klipsch Heritage line is.

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Steve Gutenberg – The Audiophiliac

Steve Gutenberg is a long-time audio reviewer and writer, with many reviews to his credit from Stereophile magazine to CNET. His Audiophiliac reviews have now gone to video on YouTube, and he has reviewed several of the most recent Klipsch Heritage speakers like the Heresy IV, Cornwall III, and Forte IV.

Of the Heresy IV, he calls it many things, but most of all, fun. The Heresy IV – the entry-level speaker in the Heritage line – is forward and a bit in your face, a speaker with personality. Klipsch has always aimed to design speakers to reproduce the visceral feel of live music, and every model in the Heritage line lives up to that credo.

Steve calls the larger, step-up Forte IV the perfect first large speaker choice: powerful, dynamic, and capable of getting quite loud. However, it's not for small rooms. He also notes how tunable they are, where the sound can be tuned to the room with changes in toeing and positioning.

Stepping up to the next level, he calls the Cornwall III a speaker that will "make your room sound small." He notes that you don't have to play them loud to enjoy them; the high sensitivity that the entire line enjoys (through the use of efficient horn-loaded drivers) lets them come alive at low volumes. Not every speaker can do that; in fact, many high-end speakers don’t reveal all that they offer until you apply the power and play them loud.

Andrew Robinson – Recovering Audiophile 

Andrew Robinson is another long-time audio reviewer and writer who now posts his reviews and ruminations on audio on his YouTube channel. In his opinion, he called the Forte IV the Klipsch Heritage speaker to get, in part because of its excellent bass with a 12-inch driver and 15-inch passive radiator. 

Robinson loves the midrange performance of the La Scala for its transparency and sense of realism like you’re at a concert. He calls Klipsch speakers “a larger, clearer window on your favorite recordings.” This means that the speakers will expose all the flaws in the recording, but the reward is realistic, uncolored, dynamic sound. He also notes that unless you have a larger room, the new Heresy IV is a fantastic speaker and value.

Sean Fowler – Zero Fidelity

Sean Fowler has built a significant YouTube following by offering no-nonsense audio component reviews. He calls the Cornwall IV a speaker you will enjoy with any music you pull out of your collection or Spotify. Like other reviewers, Fowler notes how the sound is tunable to the room with speaker positioning. He also says it offers a unique, lively presentation of music that’s difficult to match with any other speakers at similar prices – a feature that can be said of all Klipsch Heritage models.

While no Klipsch Heritage speakers can be considered a "value" buy, the consistent feedback from professional reviewers is that their performance belies the prices. The top-level build quality and new ten-year warranty also speak to their longevity. They may be the last speakers you need to buy!


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