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Talking Bass: A Look at Paradigm Defiance Subwoofers

Paradigm Defiance Subwoofers Deliver Ultimate Value and Performance

Talking Bass: A Look at Paradigm Defiance Subwoofers

Paradigm is a company well known to audio enthusiasts for its focus on performance, but always delivering exceptional value regardless of the price point. Lately, the Canadian company has moved into the higher end of the speaker market with the Persona Series, a beautifully crafted line of speakers that offer striking aesthetics and performance. But even at the high end, the value proposition compares favorably with the competition.

With the Defiance subwoofer line, Paradigm continues to deliver excellent performance at various levels to accommodate most any bass-lover’s wishes for both music and movies. Of course, you know and we know that there are a lot of quality subwoofers in the market. What sets Paradigm apart?

That’s what we’re here to tell you. If you are looking to outfit or upgrade the listening or media room in your Smyrna-area home, you would be wise to consider Paradigm speakers and subwoofers. We sell a lot of these at Georgia Home Theater, and with good reason: They deliver top value for your audio performance dollar.

Let’s take a closer look at Paradigm Defiance subwoofers.

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Compact, Sleek Design

Subwoofers are bulky boxes that don't usually fit most people's idea of style. Paradigm has designed all the subs in the Defiance line to have minimal footprints for their size. That doesn't mean they have skimped on quality; the inert cabinets of high-grade MDF and the heft indicates they haven’t skimped on the magnets and other internal componentry. Yet they look so good with the smooth front baffles and surround design, that you can leave the grill off and not feel like you have to hide it.

ARC - Anthem Room Correction

Paradigm owns Anthem, and their receivers, processors, and amplifiers are also well known and highly esteemed in music enthusiast circles. Anthem Room Correction is regarded as one of the best in the industry, and they have brought the technology to the Defiance line. If you understand what room correction software does, you likely know that it helps smooth bass frequency response in your space more than anything else. By bringing the software to the subwoofers, it enables you to optimize the bass response of a defiance sub with the ARC app on a computer or smartphone.

What’s more, app control on the subwoofer lets you adjust volume, phase, and more from the comfort of your chair, and not have to reach behind the unit to fiddle with volume controls. The app also lets you save room adjustment presets so that you can have your personal settings for music, movies, and TV available at a touch.   

Active Ridge Technology

Paradigm developed a new surround for the driver they call Active Ridge Technology. This patented design lets the subwoofer cone have maximum throw without distortion, resulting in deeper, richer bass. For example, the Defiance V12 12-inch model is rated down to 18hz, without a box that will take up most of your space. It’s important to note that throughout the Defiance line Paradigm has opted for uniquely tuned down-firing ports, which helps with room placement and uses the floor to enhance bass response.

Integrated Wireless Capability

All models in the Defiance line (except for the V8) can operate wirelessly with Paradigm’s optional wireless module. The module functions at the fast, clear, and reliable 2.4ghz frequency so you can place your subwoofer anywhere in your room where it balances your desires for looks and sound; without worrying about the wire. The module plugs neatly into a port at the rear of the unit, so you don’t have anything hanging out.

With a line that encompasses eight to fifteen-inch sizes across the V and the high-performance X series, Paradigm Defiance subwoofers bring the bass to your Smyrna-area home. Check out the latest in Paradigm speakers and much more in audio at our Marietta showroom, reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation, or click the chat button below to immediately connect with us. 

We look forward to assisting you!

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