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Spotlight on Sonance: The Invisible Speaker System

The Ultimate Fusion of High-Fidelity Sound and Interior Design

Spotlight on Sonance: The Invisible Speaker System

Once, there was a time when entertainment systems could dominate a room. Whether it was bulky TVs, boxy speakers, or large electronic components, entertainment could be intrusive on decor. But while modern technology has reduced the footprint of electronics and TVs, the speaker is still one of those things that can’t be wholly flattened into the thickness of a pancake. However, you might still want a practically invisible speaker system and great sound quality, too. Can those two desires coexist? Yes, if we are talking about speakers from Sonance, the aptly named Invisible Series. Let's explore this innovative option for filling your metro Atlanta home with superior sound without impacting your style and decor. 


The Magic of Invisibility

Sonance's Invisible Series speakers are designed to vanish into your walls, thanks to their ultra-thin profile and specialized mounting system. This allows them to be concealed by up to an eighth of an inch of your chosen wall finish—whether that's paint, Venetian plaster, or even wood veneer. Interior designers adore these speakers because they offer complete aesthetic freedom without worrying about speaker placement. An optional back enclosure is also available to minimize sound leakage to adjacent rooms, ensuring that the audio experience is as contained as it is invisible.

Uncompromising Performance

One might think that a speaker designed to be invisible would compromise on sound quality, but that's far from the case with Sonance. As pioneers in the field of architectural speakers, Sonance has leveraged its deep experience to perfect the Invisible Series. These full-range speakers deliver smooth bass, natural midrange, and clear highs, offering an uncompromised audio experience. They also feature a wide 170-degree dispersion of sound, creating an immersive audio environment that fills the room—yet remains mysteriously sourceless.

Durability and Versatility

The Invisible Series speakers are not just about aesthetics and performance; they're also built to last. With a minimal mounting depth of just two inches, these speakers are versatile enough to fit into various types of construction and spaces. Their robust construction features an extruded aluminum frame and an injection-molded polypropylene diaphragm, ensuring that you won't be tearing into your walls for servicing or replacements for years to come. The new mounting design also simplifies the installation process, making it a breeze to achieve that "invisible" look.

A Legacy of Excellence

Sonance has a long-standing reputation as a pioneer in architectural speakers, and the Invisible Series is a testament to that legacy. These speakers allow homeowners and designers to enjoy high-quality sound without sacrificing design integrity. This commitment to excellence has made Sonance a go-to choice for those who demand the best in audio quality and aesthetic design. For applications like whole-house audio, these invisible speakers offer impressive performance for your ears while hiding in plain sight. 


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