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Product Spotlight: The New McIntosh MA352

The MA352 Combines the Richness of Vacuum Tubes with the Power of Solid-State for Stellar Audio Quality

Product Spotlight: The New McIntosh MA352

Fish or steak? Form or function? Vacuum tube or solid-state? Vinyl or CD? Why are we always faced with so many decisions?

With the MA352 hybrid integrated amplifier, McIntosh Labs has tried to solve some of those decisions. Fish or steak will remain a problematic dinner choice, but the MA352 beautifully balances form and function while giving you the best of both audio worlds—it deftly blends the smoothness of vacuum tube technology with the power of solid-state amplification, while being an audio showpiece you can proudly display at the center of your listening room.

Audio enthusiasts have long argued the merits of traditional audio technologies like vacuum tubes vs. solid-state componentry. Like the vinyl vs. analog or CD vs. digital music debates, it can create heated discussion regarding what constitutes better sound. With the original MA252 integrated amplifier and now with the new MA352, McIntosh uses its seven decades of audio know-how to use each technology for its highest and best use.

The McIntosh MA252 was an instant success at Georgia Home Theater when it came out in early 2018. The MA352 promises to be just as popular. If you are planning a two-channel upgrade or new audio system in your favorite Smyrna listening space, you will want to pre-order one now. Read on to see why this is such an exceptional high-fidelity audio product.

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All Analog Design

The sweetness and smoothness of the preamp section come from the power of by twin pairs 12AX7A and 12AT7 tubes. While vacuum tube amplifiers are popular with enthusiasts, nothing beats solid-state design when it comes to delivering massive amounts of power; that's where the MA352 shines with its hybrid design. This new version’s solid-state amplifier outputs 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and 320 Watts into 4 Ohms. It doubles the power of the MA252 and can power the most demanding speakers.

Should you ever need more power, you know McIntosh makes even more powerful models. The stereo preamplifier output makes it easy to add more power and take advantage of the vacuum tube preamplifier. A high-quality moving magnet phono input is included for vinyl enthusiasts, and two balanced inputs and three unbalanced inputs complete the connectivity.

What about digital inputs? There are none—this is an authentic analog design and traditional integrated amp. The analog inputs can accommodate other McIntosh (and any other brand) digital gear like the superb MS500 music streamer.

Mcintosh Technology and Aesthetics

McIntosh has always been known for high-end build quality, looks and technology that sets them apart from the competition. The patented Power Guard technology adjusts the input signal in real-time to prevent the amplifier from clipping and damaging speakers. McIntosh Monogrammed Heatsinks are connected to advanced transistors that minimize the warm-up time when you turn the unit on.  And Sentry Monitor has a fuse-less circuit protector to prevent the output stage from overloading.

Like every McIntosh component, the MA352 makes a statement. The solid polished stainless steel chassis, die-cast McIntosh badges, traditional blue analog output meters, and black glass front panel all display McIntosh's attention to detail. Form and function? Yes, you can have it all, with incredible performance that matches incredible looks.


As with any audio component, the proof is in the listening. Visit our Marietta showroom to experience McIntosh audio and more great audio brands like Martin Logan, Monitor Audio, Bowers and Wilkins and more. So come in, call us at (770) 955-8909, or click the button below to connect with us right away. We’re eager for you to see and hear the best in audio in the Atlanta area.

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