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Miss the Drive-In? Build an Outdoor Home Theater!

Enjoy Movies Under the Stars, No Car Needed

Miss the Drive-In? Build an Outdoor Home Theater!

We love a home theater, whether it's indoors in a dedicated space, or outside. Like an indoor home theater, your outdoor home theater can be anything you want it to be. For some, a proper home theater indoors is a dedicated space with a giant screen, a great sound system, and comfortable seating. Or it can be a media room with the audio and video chops that also pull duty as a game room or living area.

An outdoor home theater for your Alpharetta, GA home can be much the same. GHT Group has dedicated solutions that are more theater-focused and outdoor entertainment systems that you can use as your own outdoor drive-in, minus the cars. Let’s explore some options below - it’s easier than you think!

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Outdoor TV, Writ Large

Today's outdoor TVs can get very large. OK, not drive-in large, but big, nonetheless. For example, Séura Ultra Bright TVs max out at 86 inches, a suitably large screen size for a not-so-intimate summer movie night. With its 1000+ nit brightness, you can watch movies in full sun, too, and you can enjoy watching any time of day as Séura’s self-adjusting technology optimizes the picture in any lighting conditions. Featuring sharp 4K UHD and HDR image quality, any movie will look great on this set.

For a newly introduced option, last month we wrote about the Samsung Terrace outdoor TVs. These are Samsung's first TVs for outdoor use and feature the weatherproofing you'd expect as well as Samsung's proven QLED technology, which rivals the best for color reproduction and brightness. A Samsung 75-inch Terrace would also make an excellent centerpiece for your outdoor entertainment setup.

Outdoor Sound, Surround Style

We’ve always said that a home theater is as much about the sound as the visuals. Outside, achieving good sound quality presents more of a challenge. Depending on where your screen is set up, you may need more speakers and more power to get the sound levels you want for your summer epics. Fear not; it is quite doable with the right planning and outdoor audio installation. Are you looking for surround sound? It can happen outside too! GHT Group works with the best audio brands of speakers and electronics that can be customized to deliver the theater sound experience outdoors. We can even plan it so it won't affect the neighbors too much – but you might still want to warn them if you like your outdoor films loud. Whether your screen is under your patio or by the pool, we can make the audio work for both music by day and movies by night - or any other combination you please.


Get It All at Once

Believe it or not, you can get an outdoor home theater wrapped up in one neat – and quite incredible – solution. The Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater features a motorized screen that rises from its weatherproof housing to get your walk-in outdoor theater going in minutes. With screen sizes up to 155 inches, we are talking about a cinematic experience. Even better, as Stealth Acoustics is an accomplished provider of outdoor speakers, the system has a built-in sound system and options for surround speakers as well. Make an appointment to see it in person at our Marietta showroom!

Are you ready for your own outdoor “drive-in?” Contact us here, or use our chat box below to quickly connect with one of our audio-video experts. We look forward to working with you! 


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