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Make 2020 Your Year to Try an Outdoor TV! Meet the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater.

Enjoy the Ultimate Outdoor TV Installation At Your Home This Spring

Make 2020 Your Year to Try an Outdoor TV! Meet the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater.

Early 2020 has proven a confusing time. Threats of the COVID-19 virus has kept many of us inside our homes. On the flip side, spring is finally here, and our thoughts are turning to warmer weather and outside activities; for many of us, the end of the cold season is the one light at the end of the tunnel. Why not take advantage of the warmer weather and avoid cabin fever by transferring your entertainment outdoors?

Since we are blessed with a relatively mild climate in the Metro Atlanta area, we get to use our outdoor patios, yards, and pools much more than our neighbors to the north. And because of that, we can plan more activities outdoors. But sometimes, our indoor entertainment beckons us to stay inside -- but it doesn't have to be that way.

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We have no solution for the sports events cancellations at the moment, but we do have an answer for taking your entertainment outside. Why not outfit your Buckhead-area patio with an outdoor TV installation? You can watch your favorite TV shows this spring on your patio this spring. You can stream any artist you choose and enjoy music and wine outdoors on balmy summer evenings. And of course, you can do fun summer movie nights with family and friends.

We’re not talking about just any outdoor TV installation here. We’re talking about the next level in complete outdoor audio-visual entertainment – the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater. Though we originally drafted most of this content a year ago, our recommendation for this entertainment suite still stands.

What is the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater? Just keep reading to learn more.


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An All-In-One Entertainment Center

The Stealth Patio Theater is a unique outdoor cinematic solution. It features large motorized screens that rise out of its own enclosure. It can be placed at the end of a pool or some other highly visible part of your patio or outdoor space. The super-bright LED screens come in three sizes, ranging from 103 to 155 inches – the perfect dimensions for outdoor cinema, no projector required. It is a turnkey system that has everything you need, ready for regular HDMI video sources to plug in.

Since Stealth Acoustics builds unique hidden speakers for both indoor and outdoor applications, excellent audio is part of the equation with the Patio Theater. Stealth Invisible speakers are built into the cabinet with integrated amplification and can be configured for stereo 2.1 or multichannel audio with front speakers in the cabinet and weatherproof Stealth Stingray speakers installed separately for surround sound.

The Patio Theater cabinets are durable marine-grade construction built to withstand the outdoor elements all year round. They are available in custom colors to match your outdoor décor and can even be buried in the ground for a more built-in appearance. Imagine your friends’ faces when your screen rises from your landscape at the touch of a button.

Outdoor TV and Theater Without Compromise

The Stealth Patio Theater is simply one of the easiest ways to get entertainment outdoors with a minimum of fuss. The super large screens are excellent for having friends over to watch games, movies, or favorite shows. With 7 HDMI inputs, it can accommodate a wide array of video sources – a Roku or Apple TV, Blu-ray player, cable, or even a gaming machine. Unlike outdoor projectors, the screen can lower itself into its protective enclosure when not in use, and there are no separate components.

The screens are engineered for outdoor use, and the brightness is calibrated so that they are still visible in full sun applications. The system includes both Ethernet and RS232 connections so it can be controlled by your home automation system as well. It even has a rain sensor so it can retract the screen if a sudden storm starts!

Some things have to be seen to be believed. Visit our Marietta showroom to check out the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater for yourself – you will be impressed. We currently have a 130-inch Patio Theater on display.

With the COVID-19 crisis in full swing, many of us will spend more time at home. Enjoying the outdoors will help stave off feelings of cabin fever. We highly recommend this turnkey, whole-theater solution for your home this spring.

Let GHT Group show you even more options for outdoor entertainment this season. Click the chat button below to immediately connect with us, or contact us here.

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