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Got Motorized Window Shades? They’re Indispensable in Florida

Master Florida’s Sun with Powered, Automated Shading

Got Motorized Window Shades? They’re Indispensable in Florida

Florida is known as the Sunshine State, and not for naught. With over 225 sunny days a year, your Niceville home will experience plenty of light. Even on days when there are clouds, Florida's sun is a source of warmth. While all that sunshine is great for humans (within reason), sometimes it's not so great for your home's interiors. 

But there is a way you can harness the sunshine and keep it in check at the same time. Motorized window shades are ideal for Florida homes, letting in the sunlight when you want it and limiting it when you don’t. Keep reading to see powered and automated shading keep your home comfortable and efficient in every season.

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Manage the Sun

In the heat of summer, many people keep window treatments and shades closed to keep the house cool. If you don't have motorized shades, those shades might stay closed all day due to the tediousness of raising and lowering them. You shouldn't need to keep your house dark all day. Motorized shading can be programmed to raise and lower automatically at the right times. Open your windows to the morning sun, and gradually lower shades at the hotter times of the day. Raise them again to enjoy the soothing rays of a setting sun. 

Protect Your Interiors

It's no secret that too much sun and UV exposure can damage your interior finishes and furnishings. Motorized shades can eliminate that worry. You can put your shades on a schedule or even employ heat sensors to trigger your shades to lower automatically. Or, if you are home, you can swipe on a control screen or touch a button to drop all or some of the shades in a room to minimize the sun's rays. You can also use fabrics with different opacities to filter the sun, allowing light but minimizing UV exposure.

Increase Comfort

Air conditioners work overtime in Florida, battling heat and humidity. Motorized window shades can be your system's best ally, reducing heat gain by lowering or closing shades at the hottest times of the day. When you're not home, your shades can close on their own to keep the house cooler and have the additional benefit of increasing privacy and security. 

Increase Efficiency

In the summer heat, shades that work in tandem with your air conditioning also ease energy bills. But used effectively, motorized and automated shades help with lighting, too. You can harness natural light more due to the sheer convenience of raising a shade with just the touch of a button. With shading, lighting, and HVAC harmonized by smart automation, you can stay comfortable and make your home more efficient in the process. 


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