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Explore 4 Benefits of Having a Custom Home Theater

Indulge in High-Quality Display, Sound, Seating, and Automation for Your Sandy Springs Home

Explore 4 Benefits of Having a Custom Home Theater

Home theaters are the best way to enjoy movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports games, and even video games from the comfort of your own home. There’s no more need to drive to the theaters to watch something on a large screen with crisp detail and immersive surround sound — that can now be achieved right at home.

One of the best things about owning a home theater is customizing the design, layout, and technology. With the help of a professional and experienced home theater company, you can build an excellent home theater. Here are four benefits of having a custom home theater in your Sandy Springs, GA, home.

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Enhanced Display

When you think of home theaters, the first thing you probably think of is the screen. If you want a high-quality video display, you can get a 4K projector that gives you contrast, detail, and sharp, beautiful images. Investing in a top 4K projector would make any content look great and allow you to take advantage of the new 4K streaming shows on Netflix or Ultra HD Blu-ray movies. Sony is a strong brand to trust with projectors — they are a leader in projection technology and make a true 4K projector that is affordable and doesn’t skimp on features or performance.


Immersive Sound

Sound is another crucial element to get right in your home theater. If you want to emulate the cinema experience at home, you can build a surround sound system that’s immersive and impactful. There are many speakers you can choose from to deliver that high-performance audio that also fits with your design and style preferences. Floor standers, stand-mount bookshelf speakers, mini-towers, and in-wall speakers are just a few. Acoustic treatments can also take your home theater audio experience to the next level.


Plush Seating

Seating is also another necessity for your home theater. You need to make sure your seating is comfortable — and here’s your chance to make your seats even better than the ones at your local theater.

Palliser and RowOne are brands known for their home theater seats, offering a wide range of models, styles, fabrics, and colors. You’ll be able to find seats that suit your fancy and distinct aesthetic, whether it’s recliner style theater seats or luxurious couches. These seats can also incorporate technology — built-in USB ports are just one of many possibilities.


Whole Home Automation

Controlling a home theater with advanced sound, audio, and display may seem like a complicated process. However, whole home automation streamlines every move. You can have your home theater connect to all the other solutions in your home, like your lighting, climate, security, and other entertainment. This is the perk of having whole home automation and smart technology — you can control your home’s devices and systems from a central device like your smartphone or tablet. All you’ll have to do is press a single button instead of switching between multiple remotes.


Though we’ve recently branded from Georgia Home Theater to GHT Group, we’re still home theater focused—it’s in our DNA. Providing high-performance audio and video remains central to our mission, and we’ve also broadened our company’s scope to offer the best lighting solutions for our customers. We have been serving the Sandy Springs and Atlanta areas since 1989 and would love to help you transform your home. Reach out to us through our online contact form to learn more!

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