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Experience the Best in High-End Sound with These Focal Speakers

Focal’s Sopra, Kanta and Aria Loudspeakers Deliver Sonic Excellence

Experience the Best in High-End Sound with These Focal Speakers

Enjoy unprecedented audio quality, whether listening to your favorite recordings or watching the latest blockbuster release in your home theater. Our team recently became a Focal dealer serving Cumming, GA, and the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. We are excited to provide our clients with the patented acoustic technology the company has developed over the past 40 years. Focal home speakers all feature the company’s trademark inverted drivers known for their depth, range, and clarity.

The French company incorporates its acoustic innovations into headphones, bookshelf speakers, architectural speakers, and outdoor models. But it is still best known for its beautifully designed flagship loudspeakers. Here at GHT Group, we've focused on three of their premier models, which you can experience firsthand in our Marietta showroom: the Sopra, Kanta, and Aria.

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Elegance and power combine in the Sopra line known for its richness of sound. Elevate your space with the beautiful N°2 and N°3 models, or go for a more compact design with the smaller N°1 bookshelf option. All feature the light and rigid Beryllium inverted tweeter responsible for the speaker’s transparency and dynamism. A tuned mass damper reduces resonance and improves midrange performance by optimizing the speaker’s suspension profile. Having a stable magnetic field can be difficult in the more compact models. To address this, Focal implemented NIC (Neutral Inductance Circuit) technology that stabilizes the magnetic field to reduce any cabinet distortion.


Have your home speakers be a focal point of your décor with the Kanta line of high-fidelity speakers. Find the perfect fit with their Carrara White and Black Lacquer gloss enclosures, Walnut High Gloss and Walnut Mat cabinet veneers, and Ivory or Dark Grey front panel matt finishes. Relying on a combination of Flax sandwich cones and a Beryllium tweeter, the Kanta speakers boast incredible warmth and musicality. A one-piece High-Density Polymer (HDP) panel adds to that warmth by providing density and stiffness to the speaker cabinet for lower diffraction while two vents reduce bass compression. The final step to distortion-free sound is a pure Beryllium tweeter that reduces the frequency.


Midrange quality, resonant bass, and an immersive soundstage make the Aria 900 line an audiophile favorite. Models vary based on your musical preferences, from the well-balanced Aria 936 to the bass-heavy Aria 948. Aria's versatility makes it perfect for any application, whether you want a hi-fi listening room or home cinema surround sound. The line debuted the Flax speaker driver cones in 2013, which are made of flax fiber enclosed by two layers of glass. The light fiber allows for high internal damping while providing rigidity needed to lower coloration. A TNF tweeter further reduces distortion by a factor of three and stabilizes the speaker's soundstage. All models are available in the company's classic Black High Gloss, Noyer, and Prime Walnut finishes.


Ready to enjoy the hi-fi sound of Focal home speakers? Our team can demo these speakers for you at our state-of-the-art showroom to help you find the look and sound you prefer. So, call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to set up a one-on-one consultation with our team.

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