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Does Your Home Need a Professional Security Camera System?

Here’s a Smarter Way to Protect Your Home and Family

Does Your Home Need a Professional Security Camera System?

A home is the culmination of your hard work. You’ve likely spent a good portion of your life working towards having the home of your dreams - a place where you can raise a family, entertain friends, and relax after a long day. So it’s only natural to be protective of it. Many homeowners opt to protect their homes with a security system, but purchasing a couple of cameras from a retailer will not provide the comprehensive protection you want and need. 

Professional technology companies like GHT Group are partnered with some of the market’s best security equipment companies and can provide homeowners with unrivaled security solutions. Keep reading to see how a professional security camera system can keep your Pensacola, FL, home and family safe.

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Immediate Alerts

One camera mounted at the front door? No, that’s not going to cut it! Instead, technology experts strategically place video cameras around your property to monitor activities 24/7. These cameras may include video doorbells and cameras with motion-sensing, night-vision, or thermal-imaging features. When your cameras detect suspicious activity or motion, you immediately get an alert on your smartphone. So whether the alert is letting you know someone is trespassing on your property or a person is ringing your doorbell, you’ll be able to handle it swiftly.

In addition, if there is an alert of suspicious activity and a problem on the property, simply tap an icon to alert the authorities - if your system hasn’t already done it for you. This cuts down on reaction time so that the appropriate authorities can get to your property to deal with the threat.

Check on Your Home from Anywhere

Professional security cameras keep an eye on your home even when you can’t. Whether you’re away at the office or on vacation, use your phone to watch live video footage from your cameras. You can also pull up recorded footage, search for video segments using a keyword term, and operate your cameras remotely (pan, tilt, and zoom). This gives you peace of mind that your home is protected, even when you’re gone. It also allows you to check up on house sitters and delivery drivers who come to your property while you’re aw.

On-Hand Video Footage

Video surveillance and other security systems help lower the risk of your house being targeted for break-ins or vandalism. But on the off chance that something does happen, your security cameras are there to support you. You can go back and find recorded video footage that can be invaluable evidence to help the authorities identify the perpetrator. It can also be submitted to your insurance to help speed along the claims process.

Are you ready to upgrade your Pensacola, FL, home’s security system? Contact GHT Group today! We will equip you with some of the best security cameras and technology on the market and install them strategically to provide optimal protection. You’ll love the peace of mind a professional security camera system can provide.