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Do You Have These Essential Smart Lighting Scenes in Your Home?

Use Your LED Light Fixtures and Lighting Control System to Create Scenes Personalized to Your Lifestyle

Do You Have These Essential Smart Lighting Scenes in Your Home?

Did you know that you can program your home lighting to fit your mood, activities, routines, and schedules? With dimmable LED light fixtures and a centralized control platform from Lutronyou can activate multiple lighting settings with one-touch control on a smartphone, touchscreen tablet, or custom wall keypad. 

A pre-programmed scene instantly sets your lighting components to the color temperature and intensity you desire for a particular mood or activity. Scenes have the potential to simplify so many daily activities — why walk around the house at night, turning off stray lights, when you can press one button on your phone and shut them down from bed?

It’s time to explore how lighting scenes can enhance your unique lifestyle in Atlanta, GA! Keep reading to learn four must-have lighting scenes at home. 

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How would you like to wake up in the morning? Some people need a jolt of brightness to prevent them from hitting the snooze button again. If that’s you, your Wakeup scene could include the overhead bedroom light flaring to full illumination when the alarm goes off. If you need a gentler transition that doesn’t disturb your snoozing partner, program the bedside lamp to turn on to 30% brightness so that you can quietly slip out of bed. 

How else can a Wakeup scene simplify your morning? Perhaps by turning on the overhead and mirror lights in the bathroom so that you can shower, fix your hair, and brush your teeth. Or by turning on a countertop light in the kitchen and a reading lamp by the living room couch. Now you can move smoothly to make coffee and read a book or the news before the kids awaken. 


Save time on party prep with a pre-programmed lighting scene. A Party scene can activate lights in the living room that are bright enough for conversation but dim enough for comfort and ambience. Bright countertop lights in the kitchen can showcase an array of snacks and drinks. Pre-lit lights in the bathrooms and hallways can help direct guests who are unfamiliar with your home’s layout. 


Your lighting control system doubles as a valuable home security tool. A Vacation scene can activate and turn off various lights throughout the day and evening to give the impression that someone is home. Even the possibility that people are present is enough to deter many would-be burglars from attempting a break-in. 


There’s no feeling worse than getting comfortable in beonly to realize you’ve left a light on in the house. A Goodnight scene can turn off any remaining lights in your home in one fell swoop. Or you could choose to turn off all the main lights but activate recessed or strip lighting in the hallways and bathrooms. Soft, dim LED light fixtures can help your children get safely to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

Do you need help programming scenes onyour Lutron lighting control system? At GHT Group, we’re happy to help! We’re the premier home lighting designer and integrator in the metro Atlanta area. Call us today, fill out our contact form , or send us a live chat below to set up a consultation with our team.

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