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Do You Have a Control4 Smart Home System?

Let Georgia Home Theater Keep It Humming

Do You Have a Control4 Smart Home System?

If you are a Control4 system owner, congratulations. We don’t need to tell you about the convenience it brings to managing your home. And if you use advanced features like Mockupancy, you appreciate the extra peace of mind you get from the added security as well. Whether you use all of what the system can do or just a subset of it, your home is a lot smarter.

Like any technology, it sometimes needs maintenance and updating. We’re already accustomed to updates with manual and automatic updates on computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and many other popular smart devices. A comprehensive smart home system like Control4 is no exception; it occasionally needs some help to fix glitches and keep it running the way it should.

With such a powerful home automation system, you may also want additional capabilities added to your home as well. It might be an outdoor audio zone, expanded lighting control for a wing of your house, or simplified control of a new media room AV system. Any of those might involve some hardware and software and some integration to make it seamlessly blend into your existing setup.

So, where do you go for all of that? You aren’t required to go back to the dealer that installed the system if you don’t want to. Georgia Home Theater is your local Control4 Pinnacle Dealer (yes, that is the top tier) with a Control4 Certified Showroom in Marietta, and we’ve made significant investments to represent the best of smart home technology, audio, video, and more to offer you a complete “one-stop-shop” for all your home technology needs.

Read on to see how Georgia Home Theater can keep your Control4 system in top shape.

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Control4 Certified Showroom

Only a select number of dealers around the country have Control4 Certified showrooms - it's a significant investment. You can come into our Marietta showroom and see a veritable showcase of Control4 smart technology. From automated lighting to sophisticated AV system control to motorized shades, our trained staff can show you how these solutions all work together, and also how to put it all together for comprehensive smart home control. It’s a great way to inspire new ideas for your existing Control4 system.

Decades in Business

Very few integrators have been in business for 30 years like Georgia Home Theater. We’ve been around since the dawn of home theaters and automation, and we plan on being here well into the future. Our state-of-the-art showroom in Marietta is a testament to our continued investment in the business.

Large In-House Staff

We have over 20 highly trained staff with defined areas of expertise in AV, smart home technology, security, and more—that’s over 500 years of combined experience. Our turnover is low, so you will have the chance to work with the same people over a period of years servicing you.

In-House Programming

Believe it or not, some integrators outsource custom programming of a system to specialists. We believe in having our own expertise, and maintain a Control4 Master Programmer on staff because the programming of the system can make or break your Control4 smart home experience. We continue to invest in training for our team, so they're always up to speed on the latest innovations – like Control4's newest system, OS 3.


If you’re interested in optimizing, expanding, or upgrading your Control 4 system, Georgia Home Theater is here to help. We invite you to visit our Marietta showroom, contact us online, or click below to connect with one of our Control4 experts. We look forward to assisting you.

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