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Custom Motorized Shades Vs. Manual Shades: Is It a Contest?

Can Manual Shades Compete with Motorized?

Custom Motorized Shades Vs. Manual Shades: Is It a Contest?

In the sunny Florida Panhandle, window shades are a must for a variety of reasons, most of which are likely obvious to you. You want to control the sun for heat buildup, protect your interiors from too much UV ray exposure, and add privacy to your Santa Rosa Beach home.

Of course, all that can be achieved without powering your shades. So, can manual shades compete with custom motorized shades? Let the comparison begin!

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Pure Convenience

We know you know how convenient motorized shades can be, but we’ll tell you anyway. And there’s a practical side, too. Rather than struggle with various pulls and drawstrings or having to push shades manually, the press of a button on a remote, smartphone app, or wall-mounted keypad can raise or lower one shade or an entire group of your choosing. If you’re a stickler for consistency, you’ll appreciate features like Lutron’s Hembar Alignment system, which ensures your shades precisely match their positions and go up and down in wonderful synchrony.

Now for the practical side. What if you or a family member has a disability? Whether it's pain from arthritis or an injury, or limited freedom of movement, you'll appreciate not having to struggle with awkward movements that may cause pain or discomfort. Score: Motorized shades 1, manual 0.

Improved Aesthetics

No matter how elegantly installed, manual strings, chains, pulls, and other controls are no match for a motor that's hidden in the shade valance and remote control. Plus, if you have a high clerestory window or skylight that needs shading, who wants the very long chain or cord required to manage it? When it comes to integrating with your décor, it's no contest. Score: Motorized shades 2, Manual 0.

Safety, Two Ways

Did you know custom motorized shades and window treatments improve safety? Let's start with the absence of strings and chains. Kids have a habit of playing with them, and they can be a hazard in some situations. But, when they're not around, it's one less attractive nuisance that can harm a child.

The second way motorized shades can improve safety is through automation. For example, if your Santa Rosa Beach abode is your second home, you can control your shades remotely. Open and close them randomly to give your home an occupied look when you're away, or better yet, put it on a varying schedule that keeps potential intruders guessing. When you're home, keep prying eyes out by lowering shades in the evening.

With automation, you don't have to think about it; it just happens on the schedule you choose. Should we count two points for safety? We’ll be generous since it’s a shutout anyway. Final score: Motorized shades 3, manual 0.

We hope you enjoyed the contest, although we admit it wasn’t very competitive. As you can see, motorized shades are a winner all around. Want to get started with yours? Contact our Rosemary Beach office here, or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our shading experts. We look forward to working with you! 

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