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Creating Your Own Outdoor Soundtrack with an Audio System

Bring Your Outside Spaces to Life with Sound

Creating Your Own Outdoor Soundtrack with an Audio System

Do you like to be the master of your environment? Your house can be a quiet refuge from the world outside. And when you want to change the mood, you can put on some music to energize, unwind, or something in between.

What about outdoors? When you go outside, you no longer have complete control of sound. There might be a distant drone from the highway, lawnmowers, or pool pumps piercing the serenity of your comfortable patios and landscape. But you can have a secret weapon, and it's not noise-canceling headphones. An outdoor audio system can envelop your Cumming, GA home’s outside environs with full, rich sound that makes the barking dogs and other annoyances fade into the background.

Read on to see how an outdoor audio system makes everything in your backyard a memorable experience.

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Patio Speakers

Patios are the first place most people look to add sound. Music can add the perfect soundtrack to drinks and dinner with family and friends or just lounging on a chaise with a good book on a late summer afternoon. Speakers like Sonance's Mariner series can hang on walls, from ceilings, or under patio eaves to provide powerful sound in covered patio areas. With three sizes available for small to large spaces and all-weather construction, it's the perfect complement to entertainment or relaxation. If you have an outdoor TV in your patio, the sound output can be routed to your patio speakers for a more profound audio experience, enhancing everything from dinner parties to outdoor yoga with robust sound outside. 

The Pool Area

If you have an outdoor pool or are considering adding one for this summer, add sound to the waterborne fun. Options for waterproof audio abound, but a popular one is the rock speaker. These speakers are both hardy and powerful. The rock form factor hides perfectly in a natural landscape around a pool, and they can withstand pool water, heat, rain, and the occasional errant object that may bounce on it. Sonance rock speaker models are available in two sizes and colors to suit various landscapes, all featuring powerful audio that cuts through ambient sounds and pool splashing.

Landscape Areas

If you really want to create your own outside soundscape, don’t stop at the patio and pool. Fill your entire outdoor area with sound with landscape speakers. Sonance's Garden series features an 8.1 speaker array consisting of eight satellite speakers to one subwoofer. The satellites hide discreetly among plants and foliage, while a 10-inch buried subwoofer provides full low-end bass. This system can cover up to 3500 square feet of area with balanced sound that’s the same no matter where you roam. These systems can be combined for even more coverage for larger areas.

Bringing the Sound Outside

An outdoor audio system should be easy to manage and control. A variety of solutions exist, from connecting zones from a family room AV system to using a Sonos Amp or Port system as the source to your outdoor system to using a whole-home audio system like Control4. Each has its own advantages relating to cost, ease of installation, and ease of use. Based on your preferences, your system can be controlled from your personal device, an outdoor-rated remote control, or a dedicated touchscreen that's part of a complete home automation system. The choice is yours!

Ready to add your personal soundtrack to your outdoor spaces? To get started, call GHT Group at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chat box below to connect with us right away.  We look forward to working with you!

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