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Big Surround Sound, Even Bigger Screens

CEDIA 2019 Features Even More Immersive Home Cinema

Big Surround Sound, Even Bigger Screens

CEDIA is the largest trade authority in the home technology integration business. Not only do integrators like GHT Group attend for the latest in-home technology trends and continuing education, but the accompanying CEDIA Expo also covers thousands of square feet with the latest and greatest in home theaters, audio, smart home automation and more.

The CEDIA Expo always features exciting new products that point to the future. This year, there were many exciting introductions, but in the home theater space, a couple stood out for us: the incredible sound from Klipsch’s new Pro Cinema Home surround sound system and the extraordinary picture quality of Sony’s 8K displays.

Read on to learn more about these two exciting innovations from CEDIA 2019 and see if they're the next big thing for your media room or home theater in Dunwoody, GA.

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Klipsch BTS Pro Cinema Home

Do we need more acronyms for audio? No, but BTS is a simple one - it stands for "Behind the Screen." And that's a critical element of this Klipsch surround sound system. Drawing from Klipsch's vast experience with commercial cinema systems, the BTS system's front speakers are designed to go behind acoustically transparent screens. At CEDIA, the system was demonstrated with a giant 180-inch screen.

If you go to the movies at your local cineplex, there’s a one in two chance that the surround sound is coming from a Klipsch system. In the theater, the front speakers are behind the screen, and the surround speakers are mounted on side walls and overhead for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X 3D sound effects. The Pro Cinema Home line is based on classic Klipsch horn-loaded designs, but they take up little space - all the speakers are 20.5 inches deep or less, so you don’t need a 1,000 square-foot room to house them – but the sound would easily fill it. The system comes configured for popular screen sizes, from 133 inches to 180 inches. They can also work with any aspect ratio, be it 16:9, 2.40:1 or custom configurations.

The system features dual 18-inch subwoofers and full-range left/center/right channels with 15-inch woofers for serious bass performance. They are complemented by side and height channel speakers that are ordered individually to cover as many surround channels as you want. With audio vendors now introducing 16 and 32 channel surround processors at this year’s CEDIA Expo, you really can recreate the intense sound of the best cinemas at home.

So how does the Pro Cinema Home system sound? According to John Sciacca at Sound and Vision, it was one of the most compelling surround demos at CEDIA. That’s saying a lot, considering the high strata audio setups typically displayed at the show. If you’re considering a high-end home cinema with the ultimate in immersive sound, this is one speaker system that should be high on your list.

Sony 8K Master Series TV

If you’re not quite looking for a 15-foot screen in your media room or theater, perhaps something slightly smaller might fit the bill. We say slightly because Sony’s 8K Master Series TV has a whopping 98-inch display, with the kind of brightness and contrast that will provide a stunning picture in both darkened and brightly lit rooms.

The Sony Z9G Master Series 8K features the best of Sony's display technologies. For starters, X-Reality PRO and object-based super resolution use an intelligent 8K database to sharpen objects naturally, producing a clean picture with a minimum of artifact noise. The 8K HDR Super Bit Mapping takes HDR processing to the next level, capable of reproducing thousands of gradations of light so that a sunset is as real on the screen as the one you can look at outside. The Backlight Master Drive dynamically manages the backlighting of the display for the deepest blacks and the best possible range of contrast.

If you’re a Netflix fan, you know most Netflix original shows feature 4K resolution with Dolby Vision for superb picture quality. Sony adds a Netflix Calibrated Mode that mimics the configuration of a studio monitor so your shows look just like the director intended.

Sony’s 8K Master Series is the perfect upgrade to your living space or media room. Enjoy all your content upscaled to 8K with Sony’s advanced processing technology, and future-proof your system for many years.


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