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5 Unique Lighting Techniques to Showcase Your Landscape

Our Landscape Lighting Company Can Create the Perfect Design for Your Property

5 Unique Lighting Techniques to Showcase Your Landscape

Your home might be the top showstopper in the neighborhood by day, but what happens to its appeal when the sun goes down? Without a proper landscape lighting design, your distinguished property disappears into the night, only to be outshined by neighboring homes.

Work with a local landscape lighting company like GHT Group to win the gazes of passersby with unique lighting techniques that highlight your pathways, walls, gardens, trees, and more. Below are five unique landscape lighting techniques that are sure to add a spark to your Santa Rosa Beach, FL property.

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Moonlighting adds height to your landscape after dark by shining soft lighting downward from your trees. When designed well, this effect can look like real moonlight casting down into your yard. Plus, with tunable LEDs, you can adjust the color temperature of your lights to match the cool, white-blue glow of the moon.


Uplighting adds drama to your landscape by shining light upwards onto trees, architecture, or unique plants to create bold shadows. Uplighting can be accomplished with directional spotlights or well lights. Well lights are often used to light trees because they can sit close and snug to the base and shine directly up, whereas directional spotlights with lids are handy for when you want to avoid glare.


Another dramatic technique, silhouetting is achieved by placing the light source behind an object in your landscape to create uniquely shaped shadows onto a nearby wall or facade. Silhouetting can also be created with well lights and spotlights. For a more intense silhouette effect, keep lights close to the object; for a more subtle silhouette effect, place the light farther away or dim the light instead.


Spotlighting directs the eye to focal points throughout your landscape by aiming an intense, narrow beam spread of light strategically at unique features. Spotlights are typically mounted higher than the object they’re highlighting to avoid casting unwanted shadows. Use spotlights on items like statuary, small flowerbeds, unique plants, and architectural details.


Diffusing or washing brings your landscape lighting design together by casting soft, widespread lighting over large areas. Diffusing is also a practical lighting technique as it eliminates any dark spots around your property where potential intruders could be lurking. Diffused lighting also looks beautiful when used in water features, like your pool, fountains, and decorative ponds.

These are only five of many lighting techniques that can breathe life back into your property after dark. Contact our Florida lighting experts here or message us in the chat box below to learn how our team can help elevate your property with light. We’d love to hear from you!

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