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4 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Sound System in Spring and Summer

Outdoor Entertainment Starts with Great Sound

4 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Sound System in Spring and Summer

Spring is a great time of year in Georgia. Warm but not hot temperatures, sunshine, and blooming dogwood, azaleas, and cherry blossoms conspire to lead us outside. Once you’re outside in your patios and yards, we have some ideas to keep you out there longer!

An outdoor audio system adds the soundscape to your idyllic outdoors. While music may be the primary app you’ll use outdoors, we have a couple of other ways you can take full advantage of your open-air environment. Keep reading below for three ways to enjoy high-fidelity outdoor sound in your Canton home.

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Sports Viewing

March Madness may be over, but there is no lack of basketball or any other sports to enjoy outside. OK, you'll need an outdoor TV along with the sound system, but it will open up so many ways to enjoy the fresh air, day or night. The NBA playoffs roll into June, and with many night and Sunday games, you'll not lack for games to watch. Baseball is also on tap, along with French Open and Wimbledon tennis and much more. Connect your outdoor TV (like the excellent Samsung Terrace) to patio and landscape speakers, and you'll never miss a play, even if you're grilling hamburgers.

Outdoor Exercise

Get a little fresh air and export the home gym to the outdoors in good weather. Enjoy yoga or an exercise routine outside while you're encouraged by your outdoor speakers' audio. Never underestimate the power of loud, clear sound and the music to pump you up to new levels. Of course, bright sunshine doesn't hurt either; it's known to rev you up!

Rock n’ Roll Pool Party

There's nothing like a pool to cool you down as the weather heats up. And there's nothing like music to set the mood for a good old-fashioned pool party. Play whatever suits the mood, from rock and roll to pop to rap. Enjoy the sound from high-quality rock and landscape speakers around the pool that won’t flinch from the huge splash from the cannonballs.

Just Relax

Sometimes you just want to wind down and chill outside. Enjoy a late-night glass of wine or cocktail with your partner under the stars with a relaxing playlist. Your outside speakers will be perfectly calibrated so that you hear the sound, not your neighbors. You can also enjoy a good read lounging on your chaise on the weekend, whether catching up on interesting news articles you saved on your iPad or a book. A little background music puts you in a relaxed mood while focusing on the reading.

Make all your Atlanta home outdoor pursuits more fun with outdoor audio. Contact us here or start a chat below to quickly connect with one of our experts. We look forward to working with you!