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4 Home Lighting Products That Have a Big Impact on Energy Savings

Make Sure These Products Are Part of Your Whole-Home Lighting Control System

4 Home Lighting Products That Have a Big Impact on Energy Savings

When it comes to reducing home energy use, small efforts make a big difference. In fact, with the right technology, you can reduce your energy use with almost no effort.

While there are many ways to save energy, we’re focusing on lighting control in this blog. By investing in a whole-home lighting control system, you can easily manage every connected lighting load in your home from one interface. Check the status of your lights remotely, turn lights off from anywhere, and automate lighting schedules. Right away, this solution helps make saving energy easier.

Still, you can reduce energy use even more—without lifting a finger—when you add the following light products to the lighting control system in your Destin, FL home. Let’s look at these products below.

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Adding dimmers is one of the simplest green home improvements you can make. According to Lutron, a leader in smart lighting control solutions, dimming your lights by just 25% can save about 20% of energy. Plus, by taking advantage of dimmers, you expand the life of your bulbs, too.

Lutron offers wired and wireless dimmers that work with all types of light sources, from incandescents and halogens to dimmable compact fluorescents and LEDs. When you integrate dimmers with your home lighting control system, you can set multiple lighting loads to any light output percentage with ease—or do it automatically with preset lighting scenes and schedules.


Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors automatically turn lights on upon detecting motion in a room and turn lights off when that area is vacated. Similarly, vacancy sensors also turn lights off when an area is vacated but require a person to manually turn the lights on upon entering the room. Both sensors offer excellent energy-saving benefits when used in the right places.

Consider these sensors for rooms where lights are often unintentionally left on, like your children’s bedrooms, the bathrooms, the garage, or the utility room. Lutron offers wired and wireless sensors that discreetly mount on your walls or ceilings and automatically manage your lights for you each time you enter or exit a certain room. No effort needed!


Daylight Sensors

When you can, you should always take advantage of natural light in your home. It’s free! Still, sometimes natural light can overheat your home, which requires you to close your shades. Plus, it isn’t around 24 hours a day. Daylight sensors can ensure your home always has the right amount of light by automatically dimming your artificial lights when there’s sufficient daylight in a room and brightening your lights again when that daylight fades. You’ll enjoy the perfect balance of natural and electric light.



While it might be an investment at the start, you’ll save energy (and money) over time when you switch to energy-efficient LED fixtures. Because LEDs don’t emit large amounts of heat, they can operate at 80% efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs, which operate at around 20% and lose the rest as heat.

LEDs today can last 50,000 hours or more! By comparison, the lifespan of a traditional incandescent bulb is roughly 1,200 hours. When you switch to LEDs, you’ll enjoy longer-lasting light that uses much less energy to operate.

Ready to implement a greener lighting control system in your home? GHT Group is the leading provider of smart home lighting solutions in the Florida Panhandle. Contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below to schedule a free consultation with our lighting experts!

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