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3 Ways Custom Motorized Shades Enhance Privacy and Security

Powered Shades Keep Prying Eyes Out

3 Ways Custom Motorized Shades Enhance Privacy and Security

We’ve often extolled the virtues of custom motorized shades on these pages. There are so many ways they make life more convenient and make your Miramar Beach home more efficient. Naturally, window treatments like motorized shades serve multiple purposes in the house, managing the Florida sun as well as enhancing privacy. 

Motorized shades and window treatments step up the privacy and security benefits by working hand in hand with other smart automation features. Learn three ways you can make your home more private and secure with automated window treatments. 

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Increase Security

Let’s say you leave home. What do you normally do? Of course, you lock the door or close the garage door, and perhaps you set the security alarm if you’ll be out for a while. With home automation, your motorized shades become part of the routine. When you close the garage, the shades in all the areas of your home that you want to be closed automatically lower. And when you return home, they all raise to let in the light as you arrive—no more worrying about anyone peering in while you're gone.

Increase Privacy

There are times and places where you want privacy, like the bedroom. With automation, that’s easy. In the morning, your automated shades help you gently wake up by opening to let in some of the morning sun. In the evening, your shades automatically lower at bedtime as you change and get ready for bed. Privacy is always there when you want it, without you lifting a finger. 

Simulate Occupancy

You might go on vacation, or perhaps your Miramar Beach home is a second home. When you're away, a house with the windows covered up all day might send the signal that it's unoccupied. Your home automation system can work with powered shades to make your house look occupied, turning on lights, raising and lowering shades, and even turning on TVs and music in natural patterns to make it look like your home is lived in. It's much easier than sending someone in to do those things manually. 


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