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3 Ways a Crestron System Provides a Complete Smart Home Experience

From Smart Home Offices to Power Management, Crestron Home Can Do It

3 Ways a Crestron System Provides a Complete Smart Home Experience

What makes for a superior smart home experience? At GHT Group, it’s not just about giving you another way to control your lighting or HVAC system. While it’s undeniably convenient to control lighting from an app, you ultimately want a system that can intelligently and seamlessly manage your home – often without any input from you.

Crestron system is all about smart control of your Destin, FL property. Whether you’re at home or away, Crestron gives you intelligent management and automation of your home. Here are three ways – out of many – that Crestron delivers a superior smart home experience. 

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Control from Your Mac Laptop

Apple recently changed to using processors of their own design in their Macintosh computer lineup. One result of that move is that Macs can now run many popular IOS apps from iPhones and iPads. The Crestron Home app for iPad is one of those that runs seamlessly on Apple's new M1-powered Macs. Why is this convenient? If you're working on your laptop, you can have the Crestron Home app open in a window for easy access to lighting, shading, AV, temperature control, and anything else managed by your Crestron system. No reaching for a different device is needed for easy home control! It is the iPad app, so it will work exactly as it does on your iPad or your dedicated Crestron touchscreen. 

Smarter Home Offices

Crestron is a leader in office and conference room communication and automation systems. With so much work extending into the home in the current environment, it makes sense to integrate elements of your home office with your smart home. Crestron Flex home systems do just that. If you are working remotely or managing your business or investments, a Crestron Flex solution makes it easier to communicate and collaborate. For example, automate video calls by setting the perfect lighting, video, and audio settings in your home office. If you use solutions like Zoom videoconferencing and Microsoft Teams, you'll appreciate the native compatibility with these systems in Crestron Flex with easy scheduling and management of video calls. Crestron Flex systems can give you all the power of the in-office experience at home along with seamless smart home control. 

Manage Your Home from Anywhere

Florida is susceptible to extreme weather events, and the Panhandle area is no exception. If your Destin home is a part-time residence, Crestron Home can help in serious situations. For example, you can shut off critical equipment that may be damaged by power outages and surges. You can even have your system back up power to key electronic components based on environmental factors like the temperature inside the home. Depending on what you need to protect, your Creston Home system can help mitigate issues from weather events and power outages.


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