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3 Tips for Maximizing Your Whole-Home Lighting Control System

Take Advantage of the Many Capabilities of Smart Lighting Control

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Whole-Home Lighting Control System

If you’re searching for innovative ways to make life at home a little easier, lighting control is a popular solution. Lighting control and automation not only puts more time back in your day, but it offers money and energy savings, too. It can also increase property security and beautify your spaces.

At GHT Group, we work with the world’s leading brands in home lighting control, such as Lutron and Control4, which offer virtually endless capabilities for managing your lights for safety, design, energy efficiency, and convenience. In this blog, we’ll explore three (of many) ways you can maximize the benefits of a whole-home lighting control system throughout your property in Miramar Beach, FL. Read more below!

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Automate Outdoor and Hallway Light Fixtures 

Some lights in your home are used regularly and at random to help accomplish tasks. These could be kitchen counter lights, bathroom lights, and reading lamps. But your home also features ambient lights that illuminate  certain areas after dark for improved safety and security. These could be porch lights, hallway lights, and step lightsTypically, you turn these on at sunset and off again in the morning.

With smart lighting control, you can conveniently automate these lighting fixtures to turn on and off based on a preset schedule or with the sunrise and sunset so you can eliminate the hassle of doing it manually each day. Come home after a long day at the beach with your porch and hallway lights on to greet you. Go to sleep knowing your outdoor house lights are on, helping to safeguard your property.

Quickly Set the Mood for Any Moment with Scenes 

Lighting isn’t just a utility. It’s an accessory that helps create the ideal ambiance for any activity. With smart lighting control, you can program personalized lighting scenes that transform the mood of one or all areas of your home with a button tap. For example, an “Entertain” scene can dim your overhead lights to 20%, brighten lamps and pendants to 70%, and illuminate accent lights that showcase artwork. A “Relax” scene can dim overhead lights to 50% and turn on your porch and pool lights outside.

You can also create lighting scenes that improve energy efficiency and safety. A “Goodnight” scene can ensure all the lights in your home are off, save for any security lighting you want left on. When you’re away from home for an extended period, use an “Away” scene that turns lights on and off in different patterns to simulate your regular use of lights and trick potential intruders into thinking you’re home.

Take Advantage of Daylight Harvesting 

Natural light offers many benefits for homes: it energizes interiors, makes rooms feel bigger, and helps improve your mood ayou work or relax indoors. While you don’t need smart lighting control to take advantage of natural light, you can pair daylight harvesting light sensors with your lighting control system to make the most of natural lighting during the day.

Daylight harvesting is an automatic lighting control strategy in which electronic lights adjust their brightness based on the amount of natural light in an area to maintain a target level of lighting. When natural light seeps into your home, artificial lights will stay off or dim. As the sun sets and natural light fadesyour artificial lights will gradually brighten. This solution allows you to make the most of natural light while ensuring your home is adequately lit at any given time. And you’ll save energy, too!

At GHT Group, we’re committed to providing technology solutions that elevate your lifestyle, add convenience to your routines, increase your safety, and empower you to save energy. Home lighting control ticks all these boxes! Let’s work together to design and install a custom lighting control solution for your home.

To learn more or start your project, contact us here or send us a message in the chat box below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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