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3 Secrets You May Not Know about Outdoor TVs

Outdoor TVs Are Made to Be Outside

3 Secrets You May Not Know about Outdoor TVs

Are outdoor TVs the same as indoor TVs? Sure, to the extent that they are all…TVs. Just as not all TVs are made the same, outdoor TVs are quite different from indoor models. Are they more expensive? Yes, and there's a reason.

You can spend as little as $500 for an indoor 65-inch TV or as much as $2000. What's the difference there? Plenty, when you start looking at features, build quality, and a host of important differences that greatly impact the viewing experience. 

So, what’s so different about outdoor TVs, and why should you spend more for one (or two)? Keep reading below for three key reasons you want a real outdoor TV for your Woodstock, GA patio, or outside space

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We’ve written on these blog pages about the challenges of outdoor sound systems as an outdoor environment is quite different from an indoor one. Similar challenges apply with TV viewing outdoors. Because of changing ambient light conditions, you need to have a bright enough screen to enjoy a clear, vibrant picture outside. Even if the TV is in a shaded patio – and there are outdoor models specifically optimized for that – the TV needs higher brightness to compete with moving sun and generally higher levels of uncontrolled light outdoors. While an average indoor TV might only need 300 nits of brightness, outdoor models can range from 400 to 2000 nits. Super high brightness is often not required indoors with window treatments and blinds but is a must outside for a picture that won’t look washed out.


Are indoor electronics OK for outdoor use? That might depend on your appetite for risk. Indoor TVs are not engineered for extremes in heat or cold, not to mention anything beyond standard indoor humidity levels. Don't get one wet or run it constantly in the summer heat. At best, the TV might only stop working. At worst, rain, humidity, or high operating temperature might risk a fire. Outdoor TVs are built to withstand the elements and resist other things like dust and insect infiltration. If you want your TV to last many seasons, it pays to invest in outdoor-rated models. 


The screens on indoor TVs are fragile. In general, you discourage your kids from throwing around anything other than a nerf ball around your flat-screen TV indoors. However, most outdoor TV models are much more resistant to occasional knocks from errant balls and other objects. Additionally, outdoor screens are coated with special materials to limit glare. The same level of glare resistance might make an indoor TV seem a little dull, but outside, it makes a huge difference in visibility with changing outdoor light.

Now you know three reasons why it’s wise to invest in an outdoor TV for the best viewing experience outside. GHT Group is your home technology expert that can walk you through all the options for outdoor entertainment. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!

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