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3 Reasons You Will Love Motorized Outdoor Shades

Don’t Let the Weather Stop Your Outdoor Fun

3 Reasons You Will Love Motorized Outdoor Shades

Georgia has nice weather most of the year with only a few extremes. It’s humid and hot at the height of summer and can get quite cold in the lows of winter, but it's very pleasant for a good part of the year! That means you can enjoy your patios, decks, and yards in Atlanta for many months of the year. 

One way to get more out of your outside spaces is to control the environment with motorized outdoor shades. So, even when it's raining and blowing into your patio or the fierce summer sun is soaking your covered space, you've got a secret weapon at your disposal. Keep reading for three reasons you will love the flexibility motorized shades will bring to your outdoor space

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Extend Your Space

Motorized outdoor shades create a comfortable environment for many activities. If you’re working from home, shades tame the extra wind or shield you from the sun’s glare to create a pleasant respite in the home office. Or you can enjoy the sound of heavy rain without worrying the wind will blow the wetness your way. Like with indoor shades, you have choices with different levels of opacity to control the sun the way you want. Light transparent shades allow you to enjoy a filtered view of your landscape or surroundings. Outdoor shades transform your patio to be an extension of any room you want on a given day, from your office to the dining area. 

UV Protection

You may have a covered patio, but it won't protect anything from the sun's angles earlier and later in the day. Make your patio furniture last longer and look better with UV protection from motorized shades. Painted surfaces will fade less, seating fabrics will last more seasons, and you can keep the wear on your covered areas even over time. Plus, lowering your outdoor shades when the area isn’t in use keeps dust and leaves out for a cleaner outdoor room. 

Add Style

Outdoor shading comes in a variety of hardy colors and fabrics. Add style to your space with the right colors that coordinate with your outdoor furnishings and amenities. If you have built-in heating like a fire table or fireplace, the shades create a cozier environment for you to enjoy on cool nights. Or transform your patio into an outdoor home theater by closing the shades and firing up the outdoor TV and speakers. 


Outdoor shades are one of the most versatile ways to make the most of your outdoor amenities. Want to get started with yours? GHT Group is your home technology expert that can walk you through all the options. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!