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3 Critical Questions to Consider for Your Home Media Room

The Answers Will Guide You to Your Ideal Entertainment Space

3 Critical Questions to Consider for Your Home Media Room

Are you considering a media room for your Cumming, GA home? Congratulations, we think that’s a great idea. We know there’s a lot to think about to design and configure the perfect entertainment space.

While it’s easy to get bogged down with the many details involved in a media room, we think it’s critical to think about three "big picture" questions that can drive many of your choices. You might say, "these are obvious," but we also find that some people think about one aspect and build all of their thoughts from there, whether it's the type of TV or screen, the sound system, or some absolute must-have like a type of speaker. Nail down your thoughts on the questions below, and you'll be on your way to a great home media room solution that’s just right for you.

Without further ado, dive in below!


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What Do You Watch?

You might say, "Everything!" That's OK; you're not limited in what you can watch when you choose a TV or projector. But if your preferences skew to a particular type of content, you can prioritize some features over others. Here are some questions to think about:

1. Do you watch mostly films?

2. Do you watch a lot of sports?

3. Are your kids (or you) going to play games in the media room?

All of these questions might lead you to a certain path for your display. Some feature better motion handling for sports, others will handle multiple film formats better, and importantly, some will be brighter than others which affects how you watch in a well-lit room. We won't go into what's better for a particular situation in this post, but if you prioritize what's important, you will make the right choices.


Are You a Stickler for Sound Quality?

We're sure you love good sound, but many systems can sound excellent. Some audio enthusiasts will settle for nothing less than the best sound quality, while others may prioritize aesthetics or ease of use over the last degree of audio quality. The other aspects to consider are your preferences for sound. Are you a person that revels in the booming explosions and crashing sound effects in action movies and shows? Or do you love a great music soundtrack in a film, or just listening to music in your media room?

You don't have to pick between the two, but you can make choices that allow for a more musical audio system versus one optimized for the dynamics of action movies and games. If you're wondering what we mean by that, make a trip to our Marietta showroom – we can demonstrate the differences!


How Important Are Aesthetics?

Again, you might think, how can aesthetics not be important? We know they are, but people have different ideas about how they like their spaces to look. Let’s take speakers as an example. You could outfit your room with beautifully finished high-end speakers from Klipsch or Monitor Audio. They might go well with impressive McIntosh audio equipment that's built to be seen and heard.

But many people want great sound and don't want any speakers in sight; they will prefer architectural solutions. Others might go further and want to hide a flat-panel TV or projector in the room until it’s time to use them. There are no wrong answers here but knowing which direction to pursue opens up a path with its own range of choices to make.


Ready to start your home media room project? GHT Group is your home technology expert that can walk you through all the options to create the perfect media space. Call us at (770) 955-8909, contact us here, or use the chatbox below to connect with us right away. We look forward to working with you!

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