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12 Spooky Halloween Movies to Enjoy on Your Outdoor TV This Fall

Check Out Our Top Flick Picks, Horror and Family-Friendly Alike

12 Spooky Halloween Movies to Enjoy on Your Outdoor TV This Fall

Get out the candy corn, pumpkins, and costumes: Halloween is nearly here! And what would Halloween be without the season’s classic hair-raising films? Whether you’re a slasher fan or prefer family-friendly flicks, there’s no shortage of thrilling Halloween movies to get you into the holiday spirit.

This year, make your Halloween movie marathon even more fun (and spookier) by watching in the backyard under the night sky. With an immersive flat-panel outdoor TV like those from Samsung and Séura, you can pair your love of movie nights with the crisp fall weather of Santa Rosa Beach, FL.

Below, check out 12 of the best Halloween movies to binge this season!

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Top Family-Friendly Picks

Halloweentown - 1998

Fun for the whole family, Halloweentown follows a teen named Marnie who, after finding out she comes from a family of witches, must help her grandmother save Halloweentown from the forces of evil.

Hocus Pocus - 1993

Bette Midler and the gang spark laughter and song in Hocus Pocus, a family comedy about a young California boy who moves to Salem and inadvertently resurrects a trio of witches on Halloween.

Nightmare Before Christmas - 1993

A motion-stop animated musical for families who love Christmas too, Nightmare Before Christmas follows Jack Skellington, King of Halloween Town, to the brand-new world of Christmas Town.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown - 1966

Your favorite characters from Peanuts come together to celebrate Halloween! Enjoy this longtime classic from the 1960s and watch as Charlie Brown and friends bring a smile to Halloween fans young and old.

The Haunted Mansion - 2003

Eddy Murphy brings his comedic genius to this Disney Halloween story of a realtor and his family who are summoned to a mansion, only to find that it’s haunted and full of frights.

Casper - 1995

In an attempt to rid a crumbling mansion of evil spirits, a therapist and his young daughter stumble upon a friendly ghost named Casper—who the therapist, daughter, and movie viewers can’t help but love.

Top Adult Picks (If You’re Brave Enough)

The Exorcist - 1973

A rare ‘70s horror film that’s still terrifying today, The Exorcist follows the demonic possession of a young girl and her mother’s attempt to save her by seeking the help of two exorcist priests.

Paranormal Activity - 2007

This first movie of the supernatural Paranormal Activity franchise uses found-footage conventions to follow a couple that documents a haunting presence disturbing them in their home.

Scream - 1996 

Enjoy bouts of screams and laughter through this classic horror story of a high-school girl and her friends who are stalked by a knife-wielding maniac who forces them into a deadly game.

The Shining - 1980

Even if you haven’t seen The Shining, you must know the famous and chilling Jack Nicholson line: “Here’s Johnny!” Follow a hotel caretaker as his psyche slowly dwindles into violent, horrific madness. 

Psycho - 1960

This Hitchcock film is a staple for thrill mongers. Longing for a kinder life, Marion Crane flees to the remote Bates Motel with stolen money in hand, only to face a depressed motel manager and his psychotic mother.

Halloween - 1978

We’ll end our list with an obvious pick: HalloweenHitch a ride with murderer and mental hospital escapist Michael Myers as he travels back to the small town where he killed his sister—and plans to kill again.


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