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Transform Your Home with Smart Home Solutions for Indoors and Out

Elevate Your Living Experience Along the 30A Coast

At GHT Group, we are the leading integrator of smart home technology solutions in Fort Walton Beach and the beautiful 30A area. Our expertise lies in the seamless integration and automation of cutting-edge smart home systems meticulously crafted to enhance your everyday living experience. We go beyond delivering immersive indoor and outdoor audio-visual entertainment; we create personalized lighting and shading solutions that elevate the functionality, comfort, and value of your home. Our reach extends across the sugar-white sands of Okaloosa Island to the vibrant neighborhoods of Shalimar. Our smart technology and entertainment solutions are designed to transform your lifestyle, bringing unparalleled convenience, luxury, and peace of mind.

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If you have any inquiries or would like to have a conversation about your project, we would be thrilled to hear from you. You can either reach us by phone at (850) 529-4743 or visit our office in person. Kindly refer to the provided map for directions!

Indoor Services

Smart Home

At GHT Group, we specialize in crafting exceptional smart home solutions tailored to your unique vision and lifestyle. Our custom-designed systems seamlessly integrate lighting, window treatments, climate control, security, and more, creating an unparalleled level of comfort and control for your Fort Walton Beach residence.

With just a simple touch on your smartphone, touchscreen, or wall keypad, you have effortless command over every aspect of your home’s environment. Whether you seek tranquil evenings, vibrant gatherings, or serene study spaces for your children, our smart home systems adapt to your lifestyle, flawlessly matching your preferences.

As authorized dealers of industry leaders Crestron and Control4, we work closely with you to design a system aligned with your unique vision. Our commitment extends beyond the initial installation, as we provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your systems operate flawlessly for years to come. Trust us to elevate your daily life with a personalized smart home experience that offers peace of mind and a seamless integration of technology into your living space.

Home Theater

With over three decades of experience in crafting bespoke home theaters in the Southeast, we elevate home entertainment to new heights. Our expertise immerses you in a captivating cinematic experience right in the comfort of your own abode. Custom-designed theaters offer unrivaled realism, transporting you to another world while you enjoy movies, games, and music.

Our skilled professionals ensure seamless integration of every element of your system, considering sight lines, acoustics, comfort, and ambiance to create an immersive experience that captivates your senses. Tailored to your preferences and room dimensions, each home theater is meticulously planned and executed.

Cutting-edge technology, including 4K, HDR, and Dolby Vision, enhances your visual experience, while Dolby Atmos and DTS:X envelop you in immersive sound. Our customized movie server setup allows you to experience films and concerts in their highest quality.

From the initial design concept to the final alignment with your space and preferences, every detail of your home theater is meticulously planned and executed. Discover the ultimate in entertainment with GHT Group’s expertly crafted home theaters where imagination and technology converge to bring your entertainment dreams to life.

High-End Home Audio

Step up to a new level of auditory enjoyment. Our high-fidelity audio solutions transcend genres, delivering exceptional sound from classical symphonies to energetic rock anthems. Immerse yourself in the music with our diverse speaker range, from towering floor-standing models to compact stand-mounted speakers and architecturally integrated transducers, promising resonant clarity and captivating depth. Prepare for your Fort Walton Beach living space to transform into an enchanting concert hall.

Unleash the full potential of your music collection with GHT Group. Our high-performance audio components, from renowned brands such as Naim, Focal, and McIntosh, capture every subtle nuance, recreating the thrilling atmosphere of a live performance and transporting you to the heart of the music. Integrate your beloved vinyl records, modern streaming services, and other preferred sources effortlessly, ensuring seamless access to your entire collection.

Our dedicated audio experts employ advanced acoustic treatments and meticulous system calibration to tailor the sound to your space. This ensures an immersive and emotionally captivating listening experience that forges a profound connection with your music like never before. Embark on an extraordinary auditory journey and allow GHT Group to transform your home into a sanctuary of sound, where every note resonates with pristine clarity and precision.

Lighting Design

At GHT Group, our aspiration is to offer innovative lighting solutions that transform living spaces into havens of tranquility, elegance, and comfort. Our team of seasoned lighting experts collaborates closely with clients in Fort Walton Beach to enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of their homes.

Our skilled lighting and shading designers expertly integrate optimal lighting solutions into the interior design of each home. We work in tandem with architects and builders to ensure unparalleled functionality and breathtaking aesthetics. Choose from our diverse collection of premium architectural lighting fixtures and products, meticulously curated to cater to your unique aesthetic preferences and practical needs.

As a certified Lutron Dealer, GHT Group provides access to exceptional products like Ketra tunable LED lighting. This cutting-edge technology elevates the visual appeal and enhances the overall well-being of your home through sophisticated lighting solutions. Our offerings extend to products from top brands, such as DMF, WAC, and Lucetta, ensuring we meet diverse preferences and requirements. We create a personalized lighting experience tailored to each home.

By partnering with GHT Group, you invest not only in lighting but in a transformative experience that redefines how you inhabit and enjoy your living space.

Lighting Control Systems

Elevate your home lighting experience with cutting-edge control systems. Effortlessly control multiple fixtures through intuitive mobile apps or stylish touchpads that seamlessly blend with your decor. Tailor light intensity, hue, and temperature to craft stunning illumination layers, creating a harmonious ambiance throughout your living space.

Upgrade your interior design with our sleek smart dimmers and switches. Replace conventional wall controls with sleek keypads in various finishes, allowing instant access to customizable lighting scenes. Manage lights effortlessly with a single button press and save preferred settings for quick recall. Embrace a clutter-free solution combining functionality and aesthetics.

Our versatile control systems effortlessly adapt your home to any occasion, be it lively celebrations, relaxing evenings, or focused work sessions. Experience comfort, sophistication, and efficiency as these systems transform living spaces into the perfect ambiance for every situation.

As an authorized dealer for renowned brands like Lutron, Control4, and Crestron, we offer a comprehensive range of lighting control solutions tailored to your smart home. Choose from top-quality brands and customized options to create a lighting environment that resonates with your 30A coastal lifestyle, enhancing your daily living experience.

Motorized Window Shades

Elevate the sophistication and functionality of your smart home with our top-of-the-line motorized shades. Experience precise control over natural light, filtering out the intense Florida summer sunlight and minimizing heat gain. These automated shades seamlessly integrate with your home automation system, allowing effortless management through smartphone apps, wall-mounted keypads, or touchscreens.

With an extensive selection of fabrics and styles, you can effortlessly complement your interior décor. Integrate lighting, temperature, and security to create an intuitive and comfortable smart home experience.

Enjoy unmatched comfort and privacy with shading systems that adjust based on the time of day, weather conditions, and your personal preferences. Effortlessly enhance your home’s atmosphere, creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation or productivity.

As an authorized dealer for leading smart home brands like Lutron, we offer a comprehensive range of styles and control options to ensure you find the perfect motorized shading solution to complement your home’s unique style and requirements. Discover the pinnacle of smart home luxury and convenience with our premium motorized shades.

Outdoor Services

Outdoor Audio

Unlock a haven of tranquility in your outdoor spaces with GHT Group’s outdoor sound systems. Immerse yourself in a sensory symphony where entertainment and comfort intertwine seamlessly.

Elevate your outdoor gatherings with our state-of-the-art distributed audio systems. As soothing melodies and vibrant beats fill your space, be captivated by a musical journey that transforms your outdoor haven into an enchanting realm.

Take control of your outdoor sanctuary with our intuitive integrated control systems. From adjusting speaker volume and pool lighting to managing temperature and TV channels—all through a centralized interface—experience seamless command at your fingertips.

Crafted to withstand the coastal climate of the Florida Panhandle, our audio solutions embody durability. Housed in robust enclosures, our weather-resistant speakers ensure exceptional outdoor entertainment year-round, rain or shine.

Outdoor TV

Experience outdoor entertainment like never before with our top-of-the-line TV solutions. Immerse yourself in cinematic wonders beneath the stars during balmy summer evenings or root for your beloved teams from the comfort of your backyard during exciting fall football games. Our cutting-edge technology harmoniously blends entertainment with the beauty of nature, making every viewing experience unforgettable.

Our outdoor TVs offer unparalleled visual delight with vibrant picture quality, enhanced brightness, and innovative screen coatings. Engineered to withstand the elements, these displays deliver exceptional viewing quality in any lighting condition, from bright sunny days to star-lit nights. Enjoy your favorite content in any weather, without worry.

Unlike ordinary indoor TVs, our outdoor TVs are built to endure. Their robust housings and durable construction protect against extreme temperatures, rain, dust, and insects, ensuring years of reliable performance. Trust that your outdoor entertainment system can handle whatever the 30A coastal climate brings.

Integrating our outdoor AV systems with your existing home entertainment setup is effortless. With intuitive access to your preferred content and simplified controls, you can seamlessly enjoy every viewing experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: savoring the tranquility of your outdoor oasis.

Outdoor Patio Lighting

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our meticulously crafted outdoor lighting, designed to transform your patio into a mesmerizing nocturnal haven. Merging aesthetic elegance, enhanced safety, and exceptional functionality, our lighting options elevate your outdoor living experience. Whether you desire intimate evening gatherings under the stars or moments of tranquility, our lighting provides the perfect ambiance.

Tailored to your unique style and preferences, our versatile lighting solutions offer a range of options. Linear lighting highlights your patio’s features, while recessed lighting adds a sleek, modern touch. Energy-efficient LED fixtures radiate brilliant illumination, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Intuitive smart lighting systems offer effortless control over brightness and color temperature, allowing you to customize the ambiance for any occasion through your smartphone, dedicated outdoor touchscreen, or wall keypad.

Engineered with weather-resistant materials and durable construction, our patio lighting solutions withstand the elements year after year. Transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary of peace and beauty, an oasis that will be the envy of your Fort Walton Beach neighborhood. Embrace the transformative power of patio lighting and elevate your outdoor living space to new heights.

Landscape Lighting

Transform the exterior of your home with our curated landscape lighting solutions, harmonizing aesthetics and safety. Illuminate pathways with our path lighting, casting a gentle, ethereal glow that safely guides you and your guests. Enhance the inherent beauty of your garden with tree uplighting, accentuating the majestic presence of your trees. Create an inviting and warm ambiance with our wash lights, subtly highlighting walls and architectural features, elevating the visual appeal of your home and garden.

Meticulously crafted from durable materials, our energy-efficient LED fixtures offer exceptional longevity and customizable options, allowing you to adjust brightness and color temperature to your personal preferences. Professionally installed and equipped with smart control options, our landscape lighting systems seamlessly integrate with your existing outdoor design, enhancing its elegance and practicality. Experience an illuminated, secure, and welcoming outdoor oasis year-round with our premium lighting solutions.

Home Camera Systems

Elevate the security of your Fort Walton Beach residence with our advanced camera systems. These premium outdoor cameras offer real-time, high-definition video monitoring, allowing you to oversee every corner of your property. Equipped with night vision, motion detection, and intelligent alerts, you’ll stay informed and in control.

Seamlessly integrate our home camera systems with video doorbells and interior cameras to create a comprehensive security network. This will eliminate blind spots and leave no room for compromise, ensuring complete coverage of your home.

Engineered to withstand extreme outdoor conditions, our outdoor cameras guarantee reliable surveillance in any weather. Through a user-friendly interface on your smartphone or home control system, you can monitor live feeds, review recorded footage, and receive instant notifications from anywhere.

Invest in a home camera system to safeguard your property, deter potential intruders, and provide peace of mind for you and your family. Choose from our top-tier surveillance solutions, customized to meet your unique needs and keep your home secure.

Motorized Patio Shades

Transform your outdoor space in Fort Walton Beach with automated motorized patio shades. Seamlessly integrated with your smart home system, these shades grant you unprecedented control over the elements. Create a luxurious outdoor sanctuary by synchronizing them with lighting, entertainment, and water features for an immersive experience like no other.

Crafted from premium, weather-resistant materials, our outdoor patio shades offer durability and a sleek, modern aesthetic. Tailor your environment with a simple touch of a button, whether you want to filter harsh sunlight, create a wind barrier, or keep insects at bay.

Imagine your patio as a seamless extension of your home, where every moment can be customized to your desires. Embrace the ultimate comfort and convenience with our automated shades, ensuring you enjoy your outdoor retreat to the fullest. Unleash the true potential of your outdoor patio space and elevate outdoor living to unprecedented heights with motorized patio shades.

Uncover the Amazing Possibilities of Smart Home Living with GHT Group

Elevate your Emerald Coast lifestyle to new heights with GHT Group’s smart home and entertainment solutions. Harness the transformative power of technology to create a living space that effortlessly intertwines connectivity and personalization. Enhance your comfort, convenience, and peace of mind with cutting-edge smart automation, entertainment, and security seamlessly woven into the fabric of your home. Embrace the future of intelligent living with GHT Group.