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Ring in the Start of the Football Season with Outdoor TV

Yes, It's Almost That Time Again

Ring in the Start of the Football Season with Outdoor TV

Summer is in full swing, and with the warm weather, it's sometimes hard to think about football season. However, both the college football and NFL seasons get underway in late August - only a few weeks away! 

Late August is still summer everywhere in the U.S., and even more so here in Atlanta, the capital of the South. Whether you’re a diehard Bulldogs, Yellowjackets, or Falcons fan - or all three - we have a proposition for you. Don’t retreat indoors to watch your favorite football teams; invest instead in an outdoor TV installation for your Atlanta patio, terrace, yard, porch, pool, spa, or any outside space you enjoy at home. 

So start thinking about what your outdoor space will be like with outdoor TV. The possibilities are endless for audio and video entertainment. Ready for a few ideas? Keep reading below.

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The Outdoor TV 

We’ve told you about our outdoor TV lines before, but now we're talking football. We suggest you go big because we're not just watching CNN out there. Let us recommend a couple of excellent choices. If your TV will be mounted in a shady patio, the 75-inch Veranda TV will fit the bill. With 4K resolution and HDR support, you will be able to second guess the referee calls on the replays. Sunbrite TVs feature super-bright screens for outdoor use, gaskets that seal out moisture, and a host of other features to ensure that your TV works season after season, even if you want to watch football in December outside. We're not suggesting that, mind you, but you could - just bundle up.  

If you want to float in the pool in the late August sun (or evening) and watch the game, we have just the TV for you.  The Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater is the ultimate entertainer. This all-in-one marvel of technology features screen sizes up to 155 inches diagonally, so you can still second guess the refs from the far end of the pool. What’s better, high-quality speakers are built right in, so you won’t miss the play-by-play or the color commentary. The Patio Theater is built to marine grade standards, which means it can stand up water, wind, and sun. No shade is needed for its ultra-bright screen either. Check it out at our Marietta showroom; it’s hard to miss! 

The Audio System 

We're a home theater company, so we'll say it often - a great picture deserves great sound. You can have your football game sound piped into every corner of your backyard with an outdoor speaker system. Even if you’re not watching, when you hear the crowd roar, you can run back to the screen and see what happened on the replay. We have incredible choices for outdoor audio, from the hi-fi sound of Paradigm speakers to the unique all-in-one bollards from Coastal Source. We can expertly design your outdoor system to blanket your space with even sound, so it always sounds right no matter where you're standing or sitting. 

The Other Important Stuff 

Set the right ambiance in the evenings with lighting control. You can illuminate your landscape with the elegance of Coastal Source lighting, creating the perfect ambiance for your game watch. Lighting control will also add to the safety of your guests, as you can light dark walkways and paths, or even set a custom path light to lead your guests directly to the outdoor area. And with today’s efficient and color-changing LED technology, you can even light up the outdoors with your favorite team colors for the game.

What good is all this technology without easy control? GHT Group represents both Crestron and Control4, the two most prominent names in smart home automation. With either system, you can have fully customized control of all your outdoor audio, video, and lighting. You can control it all with an outdoor-specific hard-button remote, a tablet, or even through apps on your phone. We can add voice control too for the ultimate in ease of use. Just say "game night," and the whole scene can be set for football. 

Let GHT Group install a complete outdoor TV and entertainment solution in your Atlanta patio Contact us here or click the chat button below to schedule a complimentary consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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