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Hidden Audio Video

Have you ever looked at your TV or projection screen or perhaps your wireless speakers and thought about how much of an eyesore they are while you aren’t using them? With a hidden audio video solution, your technology can seamlessly flow with the design of your home. Speakers within your multi-room or whole-home audio setup can be placed in walls or in ceilings to deliver a truly hidden audio effect. Meanwhile, you can select a TV that features ambient modes that showcase art or double as a mirror instead of displaying a black screen. Have an expansive projection screen? Use a motorized lift to effortlessly conceal it within your ceiling. Meanwhile, outside, use landscape speakers to seamlessly hide your outdoor entertainment devices while delivering an enjoyable auditory experience for you and your guests.

Home Theater

What if you could watch a movie at home but with an auditory and visual effect equal to (or greater than) that from a commercial cinema? Our team has years of experience at bring dedicated customized home cinemas to homeowners in Alpharetta, Dunwoody and throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Go beyond a standard surround sound system with a speaker arrangement that delivers audio in Dolby:Atmos format – immersing you and your guests in the action. Complement it with a projector that distributes image in 4K Ultra HD resolution. The opportunities are endless. Press a button on your smartphone or tablet to control every aspect of your theater – from your lights to your projector and more. Then, you’re all set to enjoy any form of media in your home cinema, from movies to video games to live TV and more. Looking for ideas for your home theater system? Schedule an appointment at one of our two Atlanta-area showrooms to find your inspiration today.

Multi-room Music

What if you could begin your day with your favorite playlist that replaces your alarm clock’s regular ring, and then have it follow you downstairs to the kitchen as you make breakfast? Having tunes play in one room – or every room – is made possible with multi-room audio. Using your smartphone or tablet to switch from one song to the next, you can remotely control speakers throughout your property so that anyone can hear music in any part of your home. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers can give you less cluttered areas, and more clear space to jam out to your favorite albums and playlists throughout your house. As whole-house audio system experts, we not only can design the perfect multiroom speaker system for your home but also install and provide maintenance on an ongoing basis.



Multi-room Video

Don’t worry about your home’s entertainment centers overstuffing a room with wires, cables, and receivers. Video distribution lets you centralize video sources to disseminate across the many TVs in your home. Through our professional installations, you can now hide away that obstructive equipment in a closet or the basement. Out of sight and out of mind, you can now catch up on the latest Netflix series or binge-watch your favorite movie franchise in any room with a TV. Start a film downstairs in the media room and finish it up before you go to sleep in the bedroom. Just use your integrated control application on your smartphone or universal remote to manage your multiple TVs. Integrated video puts the control in your hands – and all through one centralized location.

Outdoor Entertainment

Why keep the fun limited to the indoors? With outdoor entertainment features, you can turn your Alpharetta or Buckhead-area backyard into the place to be. Fire up the grill, and turn on some party tunes or stream a game by the patio for everyone to enjoy as they eat. With lighting control and distributed audio video, you can make your property’s outdoor spaces feel just as comfortable as inside your home. Use the same controls that you use to alter your outdoor audio system’s volume to manage your pool’s lights and temperature and change the channel on your dedicated outdoor television. No matter the weather, you can rest assured that your outdoor screens and equipment will be weatherproof – able to endure the harsh winds and storms that come its way in the Georgia summers.

High Performance Audio

Let music take you to another world entirely. When you hear high-end audio played through quality, high-performance speakers, it’s like nothing you’ve ever listened to before. Clear, uncompressed audio delivered to you through high-quality speakers allow you to hear your favorite music the way it was intended to be listened to. Stream popular playlists through Tidal or Spotify, or play your favorite artist’s latest album with ease – either way, you’ll hear every intricate note and delicate detail when your stereo system is on the next level. Why settle for compressed tracks or low-end speakers that don’t allow you to truly immerse yourself in the music? With high-performance audio, you can have the ultimate auditory experience every time.



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