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Why We Still Love The McIntosh MA252 Amplifier

McIntosh’s First Hybrid Integrated Amplifier Will Boost Your Home Audio System

Why We Still Love The McIntosh MA252 Amplifier

By combining the finest of vacuum tube and solid state audio design principles, this hybrid amp raised the industry’s attention when first released. The result, now known as the McIntosh MA252, is an eye-catching amplifier that enjoys the best of these two opposing audio philosophies all while reproducing music at the highest quality level. Blue output meters, control knobs, an illuminated logo, and a black glass front panel with direct LED backlighting complete the vintage-meets-modern aesthetic. The amp can be paired with an assortment of CD players, turntables, tuners, media streamers and speakers to round out your home audio system.

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Vacuum tube vs. solid state amplification is one of the biggest debates for music enthusiasts, and people usually fall into one of the two camps. But pitting these amplification technologies against each other is unnecessarily restrictive, and McIntosh has realized the potential of a system that merges the two with the McIntosh MA252, the company’s first hybrid integrated amplifier.

This high-demand piece of technology has been back ordered for a long time, but we at GHT Group have the item in stock at both of our Atlanta-area showrooms. In our opinion, it's shaping up to be an iconic piece of gear within the McIntosh suite of luxury high-end audio products.

Read on to learn more about why a McIntosh MA252 is the perfect addition to the home audio system in your Alpharetta-area house.

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Clarity Meets Power

The MA252 combines a vacuum tube preamplifier with a solid state power amplifier, giving you the texture and dimension of a vacuum tube with the smooth clarity of solid state equipment. You’ll hear every instrument in a recording, revealing new complexities of your favorite songs.

This amplifier highlights the craft and passion that goes into the songwriting, orchestration, and performance of the music you listen to, and it’s easy to get swept away in the aural sensation. You’ll hear how a stick slams down on a drum. How a string glides across a bow. How a singer shapes their voice and their breath. 

Are you looking for a powerful amplifier that will stand the test of time?  The MA252 outputs 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohm speakers or 320 Watts per channel into 4 Ohm speakers, giving it enough power to drive any set of loudspeakers. The MA252 is ideal for a listening room, with a variety of inputs to connect each component of your home audio system. It also pairs well with bookshelf speakers, bringing a fuller sound to your home office, library, or study.