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Which Klipsch Heritage Speaker Is Right for You?

A Look at Three of Klipsch’s Best

Which Klipsch Heritage Speaker Is Right for You?

In the world of audio, Klipsch is a well-known name. The company has been around longer than most, started in 1946 by Paul Klipsch. Using the company’s own words, Klipsch was a genius, madman, and maverick who did things his own way.

Truth be told, in some high-fidelity audio circles, Klipsch is not the first name that comes to mind? Why? To some enthusiasts, Klipsch speakers do not reproduce completely neutral, analytically correct sound. As Paul Klipsch might say to them (he likely did, but we don't know for sure), get over it. Yes, other speaker brands may be more precise about how they reproduce sound. But the truth is that if you listen carefully with the right music, you will note subtle differences between speakers. Why? Because every good speaker manufacturer attempts to use something as a differentiator, whether it's custom exotic metal drivers or concentric tweeters, all in the quest for superior sound reproduction.

What does Klipsch do? They aim to reproduce the sound of the live performance in your listening room. It may not be the most analytically correct sound and may not be perfectly flat across the frequencies. Hardly any speaker achieves complete perfection in that sense. But what Klipsch delivers is unmistakable dynamics, excitement, and emotion in your music. And they do that with incredible efficiency, not requiring amplifiers that cost as much as a small car to deliver those dynamics.

Does that sound like something that makes you smile? Then keep reading below to see which Klipsch Heritage speaker might be right for your Milton, GA listening den.

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The Heresy IV

The Heresy IV is the latest iteration of the original Heresy that launched all the way back in 1957 when fins ruled in automotive design. Fun fact – the original Heresy was designed to be a center channel speaker for the legendary Klipschorn in three-speaker stereo arrays. Center channels in 1957? That was ahead of its time. The new Heresy IV is compact at 25 inches high but chunky in width and depth; it’s a friendly-sized entrée into the Klipsch Heritage line. However, its compact dimensions don’t mean it gives up much; its 12-inch woofer, midrange compression driver, and Tractrix horn tweeter deliver exceptionally dynamic sound. Reviewer Andrew Robinson called the Heresy IV one of the best values in hi-fi audio.

The Forte IV

The Forte IV might be a sweet spot in the lineup. First introduced in 1985, for years it was the most popular Klipsch speaker. In 2017, the Forte was reintroduced as part of the high-end Heritage line. This step-up from the Heresy delivers more of the dynamics of Klipsch sound, with a 15-inch passive rear-mounted radiator adding to the bass from the 12-inch woofer. A titanium diaphragm aids in sound dispersion, and the hefty mid-tower design has stout 3/4 – inch MDF construction. This speaker is for larger rooms, and you want to give it some space from walls to take full advantage of the bass capability. Steve Guttenberg, the Audiophiliac, calls the Forte IV the “perfect first big speaker choice.”

The Cornwall IV

Another model with a long history dating to 1959, the original Cornwall was also designed to be a large center channel alternative to the first Heresy for Klipschorns. The Cornwall IV is definitely a model for larger spaces as it’s wide and deep and weighs almost 100 pounds. Three new front-facing Tractrix ports reduce port noise for cleaner, deeper bass from its 15-inch woofer. Diaphragm compression midrange and high-frequency drivers deliver high levels of the lively Klipsch sound that sounds like the concert is right there in front of you. With 119dB continuous maximum sound pressure, your room won't want for more volume, impact, or emotion from your favorite music.

The entire Klipsch Heritage series is made to order, with beautiful, real book-matched veneer finishes like Black Ash, American Walnut, and Natural Cherry. Hand-assembled at the original Klipsch factory in Hope, Arkansas, they’re built for a lifetime and backed by a 10-year warranty. Can we order some for you? Contact us here or click the chat box below to quickly connect with one of our home audio experts. We look forward to working with you!

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