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The Media Room Gift Guide to Father's Day 2019

5 Great Gift Ideas for that Special Audio and Video Enthusiast

The Media Room Gift Guide to Father's Day 2019

Father’s Day is coming in June, as it always does. Are you not sure what to get your significant other as a gift ahead of this year’s celebration?

GHT Group has some ways to change that, especially if your Dad or husband is an audio or video enthusiast. Even if he's not, we have some excellent gift ideas that might just turn him into one. So if you’ve been wondering what to get the Dad in your life for Father’s Day, these five ideas are sure to amp up his Atlanta-area media room design with their outstanding performance.

Are you excited that you will now know what to buy for Father’s Day? Just keep reading.

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Rekindle Youth with a New Turntable

Does the Dad in your life have a prized record collection from his younger years? Whether it’s an old collection or one he continues to curate, a new turntable could bring back the musical listening experience that has passed us by in the age of digital. We have two superb options for reviving his love of vinyl with as much style and performance as any piece of vintage equipment from years past.

The Rega Planar 1 is a beautiful piece of equipment he would be proud to show off in his media room. It's extremely user-friendly with automatic bias adjustment, which means he could have it up and playing records within minutes of unboxing. With a 24 volt synchronous motor, extremely low wow and flutter, and a stunning plinth available in gloss black or white, any Dad would love it – and he would appreciate that you didn't have to spend a fortune on it either; it only looks like a million bucks.  

For a more complete turntable system for Dad, we have another – and unique option. He might remember a time when record players came with an entire system, including the amplifier and speakers. Mcintosh is a celebrated American HiFi brand that has a new and very modern twist on an integrated turntable system - the MTI100. The MTI100 is ideal for the Dad that values simplicity, style, and high performance. It combines the warm sound signature of a vacuum tube preamp, a high performance, 50 watts/channel, compact class D amplifier, and a belt-drive turntable worthy of any vinyl-lover. The MTI100 also has Bluetooth for convenient streaming from his smartphone or tablet, because Dad is a modern guy too. Unlike the all-in-one record players of yesteryear, the MTI100 does need speakers to be added. But of course, we have that covered also.

Gift Sonic Style with the Klipsch RP-600M

Like McIntosh, Klipsch is an American HiFi company that has also stayed quite true to its roots. Klipsch is known for offering excellent sound quality from the very affordable end of the spectrum to the high end. The RP-600M speakers are an excellent example of Klipsch sound quality with bold style to match. With its custom 6.5 inch Copper bass drivers, they say that Dad knows what good sound is. These bookshelf speakers would be the perfect complement to the MTI100 McIntosh turntable, especially in the available Piano black finish.

An Amp Showpiece

Maybe the Dad in your life already has a set of beloved speakers that have served him well – great speakers are an investment that lasts a long time. Perhaps he could use a new amplifier to get the last bit of musical detail from his speakers? The McIntosh MA252 would be a brilliant choice. It is the first hybrid integrated amplifier from McIntosh, joining a vacuum tube preamplifier with a solid state amp with 100/watts channel. This purely analog component would be the perfect centerpiece for the vinyl-oriented audio system, and the industrial design with the lighted vacuum tubes is meant for prominent display.

Magnificent Movies

Our last gift idea moves to video. After all, what's a great media room design without a stunning video system? For the authentic cinematic experience at home, nothing beats a projector. And in home theater projector technology, nobody does it better than Sony. The Sony VPL-VW295ES projector is an affordable 4K projector with the latest HDR capability to provide the contrast levels that give the picture a nearly three-dimensional presence. With excellent brightness and Sony's renowned expertise in motion handling, anything from Hollywood blockbusters to football will look amazing on this projector. 

Are you ready to get the perfect Father’s Day gift for 2019? The good news is that all of the products we described above are on display at our Marietta showroom. So come in, call us at (770) 955-8909, or just click the button below to connect with us right away; and let us help you get the Dad in your life the perfect complement to his media room.

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