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Shake Up Your Social Distancing Experience With an Outdoor TV

Expand Your Entertainment with An Outdoor TV Installation

Shake Up Your Social Distancing Experience With an Outdoor TV

Note: Back in summer of 2018, we wrote a blog post about outdoor TVs and why Georgians love them for the long summer nights approaching. We’d argue that you’d appreciate having an outdoor TV even more now, since you’ve spent an unprecedented amount of time inside these days, often with family around 24/7.

Take a break from your bunkered up lifestyle by escaping outside for some alone time. When you’re done recuperating, invite the family out for a movie night under the stars. There’s also nothing stopping you from enjoying exercise videos, music videos and video games outside, either. As you can see, your entertainment possibilities are endless: It all starts with a high-quality, weatherproof display.

No matter your mood or style, outdoor audio and video is key to mixing up your entertainment options now and making your home a more valuable investment that you continue to enjoy, well after this pandemic. And it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we have suggestions regarding our favorite brands and models. Keep reading to see which outdoor TVs we have in store for you!

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People gather around the TV, and one of the quickest ways to make your outdoor space more inviting is by installing TVs on patios, decks, cabanas, pergolas, and even next to your pool.

Play music videos while splashing around in the pool. Or maybe you want to unwind outside at the end of the day by hopping in a deck chair, cracking open a bottle of wine, and loading up Netflix.

An outdoor TV installation does pose different challenges than setting up a device inside, and you need to find durable, weather-resistant equipment that will deliver a high-quality picture in constantly changing lighting conditions. We work directly with Séura and SunBriteTV, two of the leading manufacturers of outdoor TVs, and they’ve mastered this technology over the years. Read on to learn about the best TVs for the outdoor environment at your Atlanta-area home.


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Shaded Areas

Fully-shaded areas give you the closest approximation of an indoor TV experience, and a fully covered outdoor space offers extra protection from the elements.

Séura’s Storm model optimizes picture calibration in ambient outdoor light with anti-reflective and anti-glare glass. They are up to 41% thinner than traditional indoor TVs, making them a sleek addition to the design of your space.

The Veranda Series from SunBriteTV features a 4K UHD screen with direct LED backlight, making it up to 30% brighter than most indoor TVs. A sturdy aluminum case protects against rain, snow, extreme heat, dust, and insects, and its cable-entry system is designed for easy installation.

Partially Shaded Areas

These spaces require TVs that adapt for different light levels, and SunBriteTV’s Signature Series includes the OptiView feature, with pre-configured settings that adjust for daytime and nighttime viewing. These TVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation, and their performance stays strong through intense heat and those rare days when the Atlanta temperature dips.

While Séura doesn’t offer a model specifically for partial shade, their TVs are the only ones with Adaptive Picture Technology, which automatically optimizes picture settings to ensure the best image as lighting conditions change. This means that both the Storm and Storm Ultra Bright function well in these areas, and it’s up to you to decide which is best depending on how much sunlight hits your desired space.


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Direct Sunlight Areas

The sun can cause significant damage to TVs that aren’t designed for a bright, hot environment.

Séura’s Storm Ultra Bright has Adaptive Picture Technology coupled with an Active Airflow System that regulates the temperature of the equipment so it can withstand the heat. There’s no screen washout thanks to Séura’s Luminoptics Technology, combining a high-brightness display with the anti-reflective, anti-glare glass mentioned earlier.

SunBriteTV’s Pro Series similarly features a built-in heating and cooling system, and Enhanced Solar Tolerance technology protects against isotropic blackout. The Pro Series also includes a detachable all-weather speaker bar, giving sound a boost.

Want to ward off cabin fever in your Atlanta-area home with an outdoor TV installation? Our team of professionals can help you select and install the perfect TV for your backyard.


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